Musical vitality in the window at St-Roch XP

Little brother of the Quebec City Summer Festival (FEQ), St-Roch XP will mark the fourth fall of autumn with an artistic and gourmet gathering that will also celebrate, on September 13 and 14, the dynamism of the local music scene.
“We are really impressed because we managed to find 14 new bands,” notes Louis Bellavance, the programming director of the FEQ and 3E, who oversees the event. “It’s been two years since we had 14 bands,” he adds. This is our third cohort of artists and we did not repeat once. So it’s 42 bands from Quebec that we present in three years, new stuff we did not know, for some, a year ago. It’s really fascinating. I cover the vitality of the Quebec scene. “

For this fourth presentation, the organizers of St-Roch XP take a formula that has proven itself in the past by inviting musicians to perform in various unusual places on St. Joseph Street. The Intermarché, the Exo shop, the offices of Coyote Records, The Tattoo Club Suite and the barber KRWN are among those who will receive services of about thirty minutes.

“We have taken almost the same places,” says Bellavance. We add Copper Branch and Chocolato and their dining room, on the second floor, which is great. We are also going to the new Ubisoft offices. ”

On Friday, 10 Canadian proposals from outside the region will be honored, including Les Shirley (Montreal), Jacques Surette (Yarmouth), The Darcys (Toronto) and Villages (Cape Breton). The next day, the programming will be 100% of the capital. “In the Quebec gang, it has names that we know as Melody Spear, Jordane, Casual Rites, which rolls for a little longer or Zagata, which makes a lot of noise at the moment. But there are a lot of things that are less well-known, “says Louis Bellavance, citing indie-rock from Élégie, indie-pop from Valence or the Narcisse project, which combines electro-pop and spoken words.

In humor

New this year, the humor enters St-Roch XP with the Prohibited Show chaired by Guillaume Wagner at the Imperial (in ticket office, 18 years and older), with Mélanie Couture, Frank Grenier, Anas Hassouna, Sèxe Illegal and Mélanie Ghanimé.

“Humor has been around for years,” explains Louis Bellavance. It is a very strong current and the majority of the festivals in the world also present humor. It’s more difficult to find an event like us that does not do the opposite, internationally. Having humor in our events is something that is discussed every year. It has been at least three years for the FEQ to have these conversations. But we did not find the moment, the medium, the how. ”

Among other shows presented in the box office, Gabrielle Shonk will set the table for St-Roch XP Thursday, September 12 with Matt Holubowski, Maude Audet, Chloe Lacasse and Peter Shonk. The Belgian Tamino will perform just before.

For gourmets and children

With the Saint-Joseph Street closed to traffic, about forty merchants and restaurateurs will serve festival-goers enough to eat with bites sold between $ 1 and $ 4. For the curious and the art lovers, the organization EXMURO will offer guided tours of unusual Passages . And toddlers will have more space to have fun as the Family Place expands. Details and complete programming at

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