Two women named the one from “Sex and the City” as “Mr. Big famous actor accused of rape. Further allegations are now being made.

A comprehensive article by” Hollywood Reporter “reveals: Actor Chris Noth is said to have two Raped women.

 & laquo; Mr. Big & raquo; Chris Noth is said to have beaten his ex and threatened her with murder

A 40- and a 39-year-old accuse the American of having molested them in 2004 and 2015. Since then, other people affected have spoken out on social media.

 & laquo; Mr. Big & raquo; Chris Noth is said to have beaten her ex and threatened her with murder

The 67-year-old rejects the rape allegations against him.

That's what

  • is aboutIn a comprehensive article by the Hollywood Reporter, two women accuse actor Chris Noth (67) of raping them.

  • The alleged rapes are said to have occurred in 2004 and 2015 .

  • The actor denies the allegations.

  • In the 1990s, Noth's ex-girlfriend, model Beverly Johnson (69), filed an injunction against the “Sex and the City” actor for beating her and threatening to kill her.

On Thursday rape allegations were made against the actor Chris Noth (67), known as “Mr Big” from the US series “Sex and the City”. The industry magazine “Hollywood Reporter” described the sexual assault in a comprehensive article based on two alleged victims and sources from their environment. Since then, more women have spoken out.

The actress Zoe Lister-Jones (39), for example, describes Noth in an Instagram post as a “sexual predator”. She explains: “In my twenties I worked in a New York club that he owned. On the few occasions he showed up, he always behaved sexually inappropriately towards a colleague », says Lister-Jones.

Sniffed drunk on the neck

She also tells of a negative experience with him on the set of the crime series “Law and Order”. While filming an interrogation scene, Noth is said to have approached her in a drunk state and sniffed her neck, whispering: “You smell good”. Lister-Jones makes it clear: “My experiences are small compared to the reports of the attacks that were so courageously shared today.”

In the comments, at least two other women report abuses by Noth. A woman named Francesca Loftus writes: “Noth was imposed on me in 2010 when I was 18 years old.” Although she said she had publicly accused him in 2017, it was never reported. “I'm grateful that these women got in touch,” said Loftus.

Death threats against ex-girlfriend

On Twitter, some users are sure that further alleged victims will come to light in the future. One tweet said, “After meeting him a few times, the only thing that surprises me is how long it took for these stories to surface. There are undoubtedly more of them. »

A post from the watchdog Instagram account Diet Prada also brings shocking details from Noth's past to light. The profile followed by nearly three million people shared a newspaper snippet from the 1990s in which Noth's ex-girlfriend, model Beverly Johnson, 69, claims that the actor physically assaulted her and threatened her, both her and her killing their dog. The article shows that Johnson had filed an injunction against her ex at the time.

Reported for “Sex and the City” sequel

According to the article, the two women who Noth accused of rape to the Hollywood Reporter reported independently to the magazine at intervals of several months. Press reports about the “Sex and the City” sequel “And Just Like That …”, which is currently being broadcast, would have awakened painful memories in the alleged victims.

Accordingly, one of the women stated that Noth should have raped her in 2004 in his apartment in West Hollywood. The then 22-year-old, according to her own account, had previously met him at the pool and just wanted to bring him a book back for a moment. During the assault, she was injured so badly that she was bleeding and had to be stitched in the hospital. “Hollywood Reporter” can testify that she sought help at the UCLA Rape Crisis Center in January 2006 to process what had happened psychologically. The second woman described that the American raped her in 2015 at the age of 25 after having dinner in his apartment in New York.

Noth denies the allegations. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has also publicly stated that there are currently no investigations, but that it is investigating the “nature” of the allegations made by the women.

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