Motion to declare Sargeant dangerous offender

The murderer of Félix Bergeron could end up behind bars for an indefinite period.
A request to have him declared Robert Sargeant dangerous offender must be filed in the next few weeks in his file.

Opposite sentences for Vaillancourt and Pratte

Robert Sargeant admitted to stabbing Félix Bergeron to death in downtown Sherbrooke in July 2018.

He was back this week at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

By the return of the file on November 4, the defense lawyer Me Vinh Nguyen will file a second opinion to that made by the prosecution in this case.

It was a cell phone transaction that went wrong that led to this case that cost Félix Bergeron his life.

Sargeant pleaded guilty last June to Félix Bergeron’s manslaughter charge and the break and enter conspiracy to commit robbery with William Pratte and Brandon Vaillancourt.

The trio had gone to Félix Bergeron’s home to retrieve a cell phone that Sargeant had bought from Bergeron.

A baseball bat was brought on the spot, but was never used during this “visit” which aimed to recover the cellular, but also the drug in the one who would become the victim in this business.

While Vaillancourt was chatting with Felix Bergeron, Robert Sargeant entered the Sanborn Street apartment. A fight broke out between Sargeant and Félix Bergeron.

Sargeant gave Félix Bergeron seven stab wounds, one of which was fatal. Pratte and Vaillancourt stole the narcotics that were in the house. They left the scene convinced that Felix Bergeron was out of danger.

From the guilty plea, the criminal prosecutor Claude Robitaille had indicated that he wanted Sargeant to be declared a delinquent to be controlled because of his criminal record where he was sentenced to two sentences of more than two years in terms of violence. .

In February, William Pratte and Brandon Vaillancourt acknowledged their involvement in this affair.

They will know their pain on November 5th.

According to the Department of Public Safety Canada, individuals convicted of violent crimes “may be declared dangerous offenders at the time of sentencing if the court is satisfied that the offender poses a danger to life, security or property. -being physical or mental of others. When an individual is declared a dangerous offender by the court, he or she may be sentenced to detention in an indeterminate penitentiary. “

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