Montrealer arrested for 60 auto catalyst thefts

A Montreal man faces 60 counts of theft of catalysts, a part of the automobile exhaust system sought by the wrongdoers.
The Longueuil Agglomeration Police Service (SPAL) reports that Roger Blanchette, age 50, was arrested on July 25 at the McMasterville railway station in Montérégie by agents of the Régie intermunicipal de police Richelieu- Saint Laurent.

SPAL reports that over the last few weeks, dozens of catalyst flights have been identified in its territory. The preferred vehicles were Hyundai and Kia brands. Most of the flights were committed to park and ride during the day.

Charges of theft, mischief and possession of robbery tools have been filed against Roger Blanchette, who is known to the police.

Police announce Wednesday that he appeared in court at the Longueuil Courthouse on August 1 and will remain detained until August 22 for his bail hearing.

The catalyst is a piece that is expensive to replace; it is essential to the operation of the exhaust system.

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