According to its own information, the US pharmaceutical company could have a booster vaccination and an application for approval ready as early as March.

Moderna is already working at full speed on a new booster vaccination.

Moderna-Booster should be available from March 2022

Biontech is also working on a booster vaccination against Omikron.

Moderna-Booster should from M & auml ; be available by March 2022

Ugur Sahin and his wife Özlem Türeci, the two founders of the pharmaceutical company Biontech. Sahin is confident, however, that the common vaccines also protect against severe disease with the Omikron variant.

That's what

  • Moderna and Biontech have already developed a new vaccine against the Omikron -Variant started.

  • However, this is not to be expected until spring 2022.

  • However, the boss of Biontech is confident that the common vaccines are also useful against serious diseases against the Omikron variant.

Moderna President Stephen Hoge told Reuters on Wednesday that the whole process could take three to four months. “Realistically, the Omikron boosters won't come before March, more likely in the second quarter,” says Hoge.

Moderna boss Stephane Bancel announced on Tuesday that the current corona vaccines are not as effective against Omikron as against the Delta virus, for example. Virologists and vaccine manufacturers have so far been confident that the existing vaccines will also work well against the new variant. Bancel now said: “All the scientists I spoke to say: 'That won't be good'.”

Biontech boss Ugur Sahin, however, is confident that the corona vaccines will also be used in the case of Omikron and other virus variants will protect against serious disease, as the «courier» writes. Nevertheless, the Mainz-based pharmaceutical company has already started manufacturing vaccines for the new Omikron variant – as a preventative measure in the event that this might be necessary.

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