Nati kicker Steven Zuber and the model were in a relationship for twelve years. In October 2020, the couple then announced their separation. Now she is taken again – her new one is no stranger.

Mirjana Zuber is in firm hands again. At the turn of the year she gave her heart to Tim Vögele (31).

 Mirjana Zuber loves V & ouml; gel heir Tim

She currently feels freer than ever. “The divorce is the best that could have happened to me,” says the model now.

Mirjana Zuber loves V & ouml; gel-heirs Tim

Tim Vögele's grandfather Charles once founded the fashion company of the same name. He sold this for a billion francs. The holding company is now on the stock exchange, from which the descendant still benefits.

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  • Mirjana Zuber was in a relationship with Nati kicker Steven for twelve years. The separation followed in 2020.

  • “The divorce is the best thing that could have happened to me,” the 28-year-old now says.

  • At the same time, the model reveals that she was able to forgive his heart.

  • The new one at your side is Tim Vögele (31).

  • He turtled with hotel heiress Paris Hilton (40) in the past and was in a relationship with the Swiss models Angela Martini (35) and Bianca Gubser (32).

It was a youth romance: Mirjana (28) was 15 years old when she met Steven Zuber (30). Back then he was playing in the U21 team at GC. Seven years later they tied the knot. They went through life together for twelve years until they split up in October 2020. Meanwhile, the model is over the heartache: “The divorce is the best thing that could happen to me,” she says in an interview with “Blick”. Mirjana Zuber has never felt as free as she does now.

No wonder, because the influencer is currently on cloud nine. She gave her heart to Tim Vögele, the grandson of the former fashion entrepreneur Charles Vögele. As early as January last year, the two are said to have repeatedly sent flame and heart-eye emojis on Instagram. However, he did the same with other women. Vögele has already proven in the past that he has a knack for flirting: He already turtled with hotel heiress Paris Hilton (40) and was in a relationship with Swiss models Angela Martini (35) and Bianca Gubser (32)/p>

First kiss in Paris

Your first date only took place twelve months later at Christmas in Zurich. Zuber was enthusiastic about the open and honest conversation they had. After the successful date, the two decided to ring in the new year in Paris. They were like teenagers in love – whereupon they had their first kiss in the city of love.

Zuber was happy not to have to hide anymore. “That was something that bothered me,” she told the daily newspaper. But she would not have wanted to destroy “something beautiful” right from the start. The lovebirds should still be getting to know each other and are planning to meet more often in Zurich in the future. They want to see where the common journey leads.

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