On Wednesday, the ex-Bachelor announced the end of love with the former freeskier on Instagram. The two were a couple for six years and have two children together.

Have split up: Rafael Beutl (36) and Mimi Jäger (39).

Mimi J & auml; ger and Rafael Beutl broke up

The engagement ring has not been on Mimi's hand since November 2017.

Mimi J & auml; ger and Rafael Beutl have split up

The two are parents of the boys Louis (4) and Noël (1).

That's what

  • Rafael Beutl and Mirjam« Mimi »give hunters their separation known.

  • The 36-year-old announced this on Instagram on Wednesday.

  • The two were six years old The couple have two sons together.

  • “After two very dark years, our train of life has decoupled,” writes Beutl about two Pärli pictures.

«What counts is the memory, the journey that we embarked on together. After two very dark years, our train of life has decoupled. Even if it is difficult, I look back gratefully and am proud of you, a great mom … ”writes Rafael Beutl (36) on Instagram on Wednesday. With these words, the ex-Bachelor officially announced the separation from his long-term fiancée Mirjam «Mimi» Jäger (39) to his followers.

Jäger confirms the separation compared to 20 minutes, but does not want to comment on the circumstances. Opposite “Blick” it sums up briefly: “This as protection for Rafa and our children.” She goes on to add: “I'm fine, I live a stable life in which I try to reconcile everything in the best possible way.”

They hoped for improvement

They lived their love in a hurry: In April 2015, the two made their relationship public, just three months later they moved in together. Shortly afterwards, in November, they got engaged. To answer all questions, Rafael Beutl chose a very special day: the 33rd birthday of the former professional athlete. After all, love was crowned in 2017 with the birth of their first son.

But they never made it to the altar. In the meantime, Mimi no longer wore her engagement ring either. The former Bachelor 2018 commented on “SI online”: “We both have a lot on our minds. The wedding is not a priority for me at the moment. ” The then one-year-old son Louie was also a reason to wait: “The little one is a darling, but exhausting. As a toddler, Louie still needs a lot of attention and care. ” Mimi spends more time with the child than he does, according to the model.

This news came as a surprise: three years after the birth of their first son, they announced their second pregnancy. The tide seemed to have turned. «Every relationship has its problems. You grow from it. What doesn't kill you makes you strong, “said Beutl in an interview with the” SI “. And Mimi also added: «Rafa says it right. Our relationship is a roller coaster. Times of crisis come and go. We are both realists and know: two children, a dog, working parents, there is guaranteed potential for arguments. But at the moment there is no crisis and we are heading in the same direction. We both do our best to make sure our love lasts. But we don't have a guarantee. ” The starting position seemed perfect in September 2020 when Jay Noël Jäger finally saw the light of day.

The latest rumors about the end of love

But it didn't last in the end. There has been speculation about a love-out of the two for a long time. At the beginning of December, Rafa could be seen in the celebrity special of “Swiss Dinner”. But at that time he did not greet his guests in his well-known home in Glattbrugg ZH, which caused wide eyes among the fans. Most recently at Christmas: every year, Beutl and Jäger post a family picture for the festival of love – but this year Beutl was not on the snapshot. The father of two had to do without his kids.

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