Affected is the product «Shiitake mushrooms dried 40g» from the manufacturer «Arche Naturküche». Several Alnatura stores in Switzerland have sold the now withdrawn mushrooms.

Because these shiitake mushrooms have incomplete allergen labeling, the manufacturer has now recalled them. However, only people with sulfite intolerance are at risk.

That's what

  • Alnatura has sold shiitake mushrooms with too high a sulfite concentration.

  • There is a risk that this leads to symptoms in people with intolerance.

  • Those who do not have an intolerance are not affected by the recall and can eat the mushrooms.

“Arche Naturküche” has recalled shiitake mushrooms that are on sale in Alnatura's organic supermarkets. Due to an increased concentration of the sulphite found in the fungus, the Migros Zurich Cooperative announced. The mushrooms exceeded the threshold value of 10 mg/kg sulphites, above which the producers have to label sulphites as allergens in food, specifies «Arche Naturküche». There is a risk that the excessively high sulfite concentration will lead to symptoms in people with intolerance.

Since the product does not have a corresponding allergen label, the producer recalls the batch in question “for reasons of preventive consumer protection” . Anyone who has already bought the mushrooms should not consume them and return them to an Alnatura branch. This refunds the sales price.

These best before dates are affected

The product «Arche Naturküche Shiitake Mushrooms, dried 40g» with the item number 109598400000 is either 11/31/2022. 2022 or March 31, 2023. Packages with other best-before dates are not affected.

The following Alnatura stores sold the mushrooms: Baden, Basel Kirschgarten, Bülach Sonnenhof, Bern, Zurich City Löwenstrasse, Glattzentrum, Höngg, Passage Sihlquai, Winterthur Industriestrasse, Zug Metalli , Oerlikon, Uster (Illuster), Winterthur Neuwiesen, Lucerne, Kreuzplatz, St. Gallen, Limmatplatz, Niederdorf, Solothurn.

Anyone who is not affected by the intolerance can safely consume the mushrooms, says the manufacturer.

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