The singer's mother died in February. Because his sister does not have the money for the tombstone, she asks Wendler for help – but he does not want to participate.

Wendler's sister Bettina demands money from her brother via Instagram.

Michael Wendler does not want to pay for his mother's grave

She lacks the financial means to pay for the tombstone of her mother, who died in February.

Michael Wendler doesn't want to pay for his mother's grave

Michael and sister Bettina have been falling out for a long time.

That's what it's about

  • The mother is in February von Michael Wendler, Christine Tiggemann (73), died after a heart attack.

  • The sister and the father of the pop singer publicly demand money for the tombstone.

  • The 49-year-old does not want to contribute to the costs because there is an agreement.

  • While Wendler regularly shows off his money, his family lives on Harz IV or a retirement pension.

It was not until February of this year that Michael Wendler's (49) family had to cope with the death of mother Christine Tiggemann. The 73-year-old died as a result of a heart attack. But the pop singer seems to leave this indifferent. The “no matter” interpreter did not think it necessary to be at the memorial service. At this point in time, his family accused him of not wanting to contribute to the 4,000 euros funeral costs.

Now the family drama in the Wendler house is entering the next round: while his sister Bettina von Hartz-IV lives, his father Manfred receives a manageable old-age pension. The money is scarce and there is not enough to finance the 1,200 euro grave slab of his mother.

«Michael should be ashamed»

The 50-year-old started a public appeal in her Instagram story and asked the musician for financial support. “You are inaccessible to me, that's why my public appeal, after Laura wants to monetize the leather jackets on Insta, I ask you to finally have our mother's grave slab laid from it,” she wrote.

The 49-year-old's father followed suit in an interview with “Bild” and did not leave his son with good hair. “It's a shame that my son's depraved property doesn't add anything to his mother's memory, even though he's selling expensive luxury goods in Florida! […] Michael should be ashamed », he grumbles.

Wendler has already expressed himself in the past

The German tabloid insists Wendler still insists on not wanting to pay. His reason: After the mother's death, he and his sister agreed that she would receive all of her possessions, including jewelry, cash and a car. In a phone call, the siblings agreed that Michael would give up his inheritance – if his sister took care of all the costs of the funeral. “Now to beg publicly for money is a tough job,” he annoyed.

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