The Calanda she-wolf F07 raised puppies every year between 2012 and 2018 and was the mother of the first wolf pack in Switzerland after 150 years of absence. No evidence of her has been found for almost two years and she has been believed to be dead. Now it was determined on the basis of traces of feces that she is still alive.

The more than eleven year old Calanda wolf F07 is still alive, as shown by DNA analysis of traces of feces.

Methuselah in wolf's clothing - Calanda -Wolf F07 is still alive

The wolf is the mother of the former Calanda pack.

 Methuselah in wolf's fur - Calanda-wolf F07 is still alive

This pack no longer exists today. So F07 must have taken care of itself.

That's what

  • is aboutThe now eleven-year-old Calanda wolf F07 is still alive.

  • Since no genetic evidence of her was found for almost two years, it was assumed that she was dead.

  • Now it could be determined by traces of feces that she is still alive.

  • It is the first known case of a ten-year-old wolf in Switzerland.

The she-wolf F07 at Calanda in Graubünden is still alive, as reported by “Südostschweiz” (paid article). After no genetic traces of her could be found for almost two years, the Office for Hunting and Fishing in Graubünden assumed her death. However, this assumption has proven to be wrong: According to official director Adrian Arquint, traces of feces were found in two places on Calanda on September 1st. DNA results in mid-November showed that these came from the she-wolf F07.

Remarkable lifespan

The long lifespan of the she-wolf is amazing. According to the Wolf Schweiz group, the she-wolf was born in 2010 or earlier. So she is over eleven years old today. But wolves normally live much less long: “The average life expectancy of wild wolves is three to five years. A particularly large number of wolves die when they are young, ”says David Gerke, President of the Wolf Switzerland Group, on request.

According to Gerke, very few wolves live to be over ten years old. “This is the first known case in Switzerland. A few cases are known from Germany and France in which wolves reached this age, ”said Gerke.

«Wolves can still hunt successfully even in old age»

The question arises as to how the she-wolf was able to survive for so long, especially since she clearly exceeds the average lifespan. One possible explanation is that the pack also provided for the she-wolf: “There were cases in which the old wolves in the pack were driven away by their own offspring and in cases in which the young animals remained in solidarity to the end,” says Gerke.

But this is unthinkable on Calanda. There are still individual wolves there, but no more packs. As a result, F07 must have taken care of itself, because: “Wolves can still hunt successfully even at an advanced age. The decisive factor is the physical condition. In Germany there was a she-wolf who lost an eye as a result of illegal shelling, had several metal splinters in her body and still lived to be twelve, “says David Gerke.

The father of the former Calanda pack, M30, was born at a similar time to F07. Given the she-wolf's old age, it doesn't seem impossible that M30 is still alive too. There has been no evidence of him since 2019, which is why one expects his death, says Gerke. “But that's not guaranteed. The case of F07 shows that especially old, experienced and therefore shy wolves can live unnoticed for a long time, ”Gerke continues.

Methuselah in wolf's clothing - Calanda wolf F07 is still alive

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