Media Crisis: “Wear your panties and take action,” say mayors to parliamentarians

The mayors of Sherbrooke, Saguenay, Granby, and Trois-Rivières traveled to Quebec City on Wednesday to listen to the presentation of the Capitals Médias Group’s brief to the parliamentary commission on the future of the media in the National Assembly. Worried about the possible loss of their daily lives, the mayors emphasized the importance of local information for their city.
“It’s a crisis we’re living in here,” said Sherbrooke Mayor Steve Lussier. “We have to move forward with changes, new models. It’s a complete restructuring, “says Lussier, who says he has never taken so many notes on the changes needed to save the media.

The Mayor of Sherbrooke recognizes that the choice of the majority of municipalities to withdraw their public notices from local newspapers contributed to the current situation. “We had discussions with the executive committee of the City of Sherbrooke, I know that it is spoken in several regions. We are also reviewing our business model, “he explains.

“I spoke with our local media to tell them that we will restructure everything. Will we resume advertising? Special notebooks to promote our projects? It could be a great idea and maybe show how public opinion works too, “he continues.

According to Mr. Lussier, less than 10% of people really know the public notices, how it reads and what is the point.


For the mayor of Trois-Rivières, Jean Lamarche, advertising placement is one thing, but we must go further. “On our side what we want to signal is the need to preserve the regional media space. A space for the dissemination of information, but also a space for dialogue. This is what we get especially from the dailies, but all the regional media, “he argues.

According to the Mayor of Saguenay, Josée Néron, the governments will have to really analyze the possibility of taxing to get the fair share that the GAFA come to seek. “It is not only in the print media that there is an impact, but it is also our taxation as a province, as a city. These are revenues that are lost as a society. We will have to stop delaying. It is this year that will have to take a stand. […] Wear your panties and act, “she exclaimed, speaking directly to federal politicians, currently in precamp election.

Groupe Capitales Médias proposes possible solutions to the government

Fear of a concentration of the press

Mayors also want to avoid a concentration of the press. For the Mayor of Saguenay, the presence of journalists in the regions is essential to ensure a diversity of information. “The more players you take away, the more you play on the quality, the diversity of information broadcast to our people.”

“When we have a single media that gives information, for the citizen there is a loss in the way we approach the problem, the dimension in which we analyze it. Just because Mr. Péladeau is worse than another person, it’s not just a matter of concentration, it’s the danger, “said Néron.

The mayors hope that the government following this commission will look at the various proposals that are on the table and will make sure not to simply push back the problem for a few years, but to find solutions that will ensure long-term sustainability. term.

Not present in the National Assembly because of their agenda, the mayors of Gatineau, Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin of Quebec, Régis Lebeaume also wish the survival of the Law and the Sun. Sherbrooke Mayor Steve Lussier will meet Labeaume on Friday in Quebec City.

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