Media: Catherine Dorion discusses new funding models

Quebec Solidaire MP Catherine Dorion believes that the “great upheaval” that Groupe Capitales Médias (GCM) is experiencing is “an opportunity to review how the media are funded”.
In a press briefing on Monday, the member for Taschereau argued that GCM’s difficulties are part of a global context. “It’s part, it must be known, of a form of hecatomb that will continue to occur with the media, our national media of all types.”

To strengthen the regional and national print media, Ms. Dorion believes that the Government of Quebec should stand before the giants of the Web (GAFA), as did France and New Zealand. GAFA “have come to us, are making money with us, and we are not taxing it, we are not taxing it on the value we should be taxing”.

The member talks about the creation of new models, such as worker co-ops, that could take over information media. “The concentration of the press and the big conglomerates of the press, it is not necessarily that which best served the quality of the information in Quebec as elsewhere in the last decades,” she judges.

The member for Quebec would not be happy to see Quebecor buy GCM. The company, which was interested in doing so, would become the owner of the two daily newspapers in Quebec: Le Soleil and Le Journal de Québec . “It’s really not desirable that they have the same owner.”

“We are wholeheartedly with employees everywhere in the regions, in the newsrooms, who are experiencing moments of concern. We believe in their talent and their passion, it is imperative to help them, “said Liberal MP Isabelle Melançon on Twitter.

Parti Québécois leader Pascal Bérubé, meanwhile, had “a thought for the artisans of the newspaper Le Soleil “, whose presence in eastern Quebec is important. “The plurality of sources of information is essential to our democracy,” he wrote on Twitter.

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