The burger chain relied on learning through play. The training game was never intended to reach the general public. Now fans are putting it online for free.

The extremely rare game «eSMART 2.0» has appeared.

McDonald’s- Employees had to play Nintendo DS during training

It is the training game for McDonald's employees for Nintendo DS.

McDonald’s employees had to play Nintendo DS during training< /p>

It was used to teach employees in Japan how to fry burgers until just a few years ago…

It's about

  • McDonald's used the Nintendo DS to train employees in Japan.

  • You had to play a cooking simulator.

  • Now the extremely rare game is free.

Frying burgers, frying fries, tapping McFlurrys, cleaning the toilet: McDonald's employees have a lot to do on the job. Until a few years ago, they trained for this with a curious cooking simulator à la “Cooking Mama” or “Overcooked”.

The group “Forest of Illusion” wants to keep Nintendo games alive and archive. Now she can do that with one of the rarest games ever, as the game magazine “Kotaku” writes. The group found the «eSMART 2.0» simulator, which was never intended to reach the general public.

Because the game was only given to McDonald's employees in Japan in 2010 for training purposes, in order to learn the processes in the kitchen and at the checkout in a playful way. There are also numerous video clips in the game so that you can watch what you have learned.

The group bought the game together with other enthusiasts in an online auction for the equivalent of almost 2400 euros. Now the game is available for free download on the Forest of Illusion website. So if you've always wanted to know how McDonald's employees feel, you can now empathize with them in a playful way. But there is no reward for it.

$1.5 million for Mario

The training simulator for the McDonald's kitchen may not bring the most fun to the Nintendo DS, but given its rarity it is at least a bargain. Because a copy of the Nintendo 64 cult game Super Mario 64 brought in over 1.5 million dollars at auction.

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