The floods in Canada and the interruptions in the supply chain due to the pandemic are causing a potato shortage in Japan. McDonald's is therefore rationing the french fries portions.

In Japan, McDonald’s has to ration the french fry portions.

 McDonald's are running out of fries

< p> The fast food chain is reacting to the shortage of potatoes.

 McDonald’s are running out of french fries

The holidays at the end of the year are particularly important for US American fast food chains in Japan.

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  • Potatoes are running out of in Japan and McDonald & # x27; s are getting that too feel it.

  • The fast food chain rations its french fry portions.

The fast food chain McDonald’s is rationing the french fries portions due to delivery bottlenecks in Japan. From Friday onwards, only small portions will be served in the 2900 McDonald’s restaurants in Japan for a week, as the company announced on Wednesday. The reason for the shortage is the severe flooding in western Canada and interruptions in global supply chains due to the corona pandemic.

The company said it was about providing all customers with a stable supply despite “the difficulty with basic ingredients »to offer the option to order french fries. The year-end holidays are important business days for fast food restaurants in Japan. On Christmas Day it is almost a tradition in the East Asian island nation to dine in a US fast food restaurant. Accordingly, the various chains advertise intensively for customers.

In China, McDonald's pedals on the exercise bike while eating.

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