For the resinous theatrical release of «Matrix: Resurrections», we look back on exciting facts from the previous days of the film series.

That was once upon a time : the smoothly gelled Keanu Reeves in 1999 in “The Matrix”.

& laquo; Matrix: Resurrections & raquo; flopped at the cinema release in Switzerland

Today, the 57-year-old actor relies on longer hair and beard.

& laquo; Matrix: Resurrections & raquo; flops when it hits theaters in Switzerland

Actress Carrie-Anne Moss (54), who embodies the character of Trinity, …

That's what it's all about

  • “Matrix: Resurrections” has been running in German-speaking Switzerland since December 23 – and got off to a rather mediocre start.

  • According to this, only 9460 tickets for the continuation of the former cinema cracker have been sold so far.

  • For comparison: “Spider-Man: No Way Home” lured 33,119 people into the movie theaters.

  • We wallow in memories and uncover the greatest secrets of the 2000 sci-fi trilogy.

Around 22 years ago, the directors Lana (56) and Lilly Wachowski (53) landed a mega hit with the first “Matrix” flick. Actually, the story ended with the third part of the 2003 trilogy. But now Neo and Co. are back with «Matrix: Resurrections». In German-speaking Switzerland, the film opened in cinemas on December 23rd – and made almost nothing. According to the Film Distribution Switzerland, only 9,460 tickets were sold from December 23rd to 26th. In comparison, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” got off to a real vertical start: the last part of the “Homecoming” series drew 33,119 visitors to the cinemas in the same period.

At the start of the Science fiction film we travel back to the 00s and reveal the most exciting facts about the world-famous “Matrix” films with Keanu Reeves (57).

The matrix consists of sushi

Who doesn't know it: The green, tangled number and letter codes that buzz across Hacker Neo's screen. The digital rain was designed by production designer Simon Whiteley, who was inspired for the code from his wife's Japanese sushi cookbooks.

& laquo; Matrix: Resurrections & raquo;

The green sushi code flopps at the cinema release in Switzerland.

Sydney is the matrix city

For tax reasons, the first three films were shot in the Australian metropolis of Sydney, which significantly reduced the film's budget. However, all street names come from places in Chicago where the two directors grew up. For part four, however, the cameras actually ran in the US cities of Chicago and San Francisco, but also in Germany.

Inspiration was provided by German Expressionism

The optical style of the sci-fi strip is inspired by many sources. For example the long shadows that the agents cast. They pay homage to German Expressionism and are similar to the drawings by noir comic artists such as Frank Miller, who is responsible for cult films such as “The Dark Knight Returns” and “Sin City”.

& laquo; Matrix: Resurrections & raquo; flopps when it hits theaters in Switzerland

Long shadows, inspired by German expressionism.

Newspaper clippings warn of Morpheus

If you freeze the scene with the picture of Neo's computer (Laurlience through Fishpburheus) through the newspaper cuttings. According to them, the man is a wanted international terrorist. Given the chaos and destruction caused by the hovercraft captain in the film, it is understandable that people could get the wrong impression of him.

Neo lives in Apartment 101

This could be a nod to the binary code and the idea that everything in the matrix is ​​a simulated reality. But it could also be an indication of the introductory courses and that Neo's journey begins in this room. The most obvious possibility, however, is that it is Neo's status as “The One”. Similarly, we meet Trinity for the first time in room 303. A «Trinity» is namely a group of three people or things.

The woman in red caused a car accident

Morpheus Neo is the bogus world deep in the rabbit hole the matrix. As an example, he demonstrates a woman in a red dress to his student. The beauty draws everyone's attention in the middle of the gray mass of the street – a deception trick of the matrix. However, it also worked in reality and caused expensive property damage. The character played by Fiona Johnson is said to have turned the head of a set driver so much that he maneuvered his vehicle directly into a roller door.

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