Maripier’s Salary

Do you know many of the stars who would agree to reveal their salary? This is what promises Maripier Morin in the series “But why?” This fall in Z, whose new programming begins September 2.
Maripier Morin says that she is no longer the same woman since filming this series of six one-hour episodes, where she literally laid bare. The host invests in circles that challenge her, such as fitness and video games to better understand and judge them less. And she did not go halfway there. To address parenting, she agreed to freeze her eggs, an experience she came out of turned upside down. Other subjects: religion, nudity and video games. I will come back to this, since the series starts at the end of October.

Do you know what? I want to laugh a little. And I have the impression that Jean-François Mercier has the show this fall that will succeed, with topics as delicate as mental illness, disability and even death. For each Laughter program without taboos , the comedian spends three days in a cottage – it’s more than just for true nature – with guests of the public who are often the victims of prejudices. Mercier intends to prove that one can laugh at almost anything. For example, in the program on mental health, the facilitator receives a person who suffers from schizophrenia, another with a post-traumatic shock, another living with an anxiety panic disorder. From their testimonials, he writes comedy acts that he presents to the Golden Lion, with among the audience, his four or five guests from the chalet.

The only gag that made me grind my teeth was people who knew they were condemned by the disease. But they laugh heartily. Like what no taboo scares Jean-François Mercier, that we will discover more sensitive. The first of eight shows is scheduled for Wednesday, September 4 at 9pm.

For En run , Réal Béland followed several comrades colleagues went to tour bars to test their new equipment. Lodges that look like broom cupboards and often four shows the same night in four different bars are part of these “break-in” tours. Martin Petit, Simon Gouache, The great floods and several others let in the cameras. From Thursday, September 5 at 19:30.

Two other novelties on the program, including The fighters: the next generation , for lovers of mixed martial arts. Among the five top athletes followed in the show, a dental hygienist claims to repair the teeth of his clients on weekdays before breaking others on the weekend! Monday at 21h. Then, driving a beautiful Cuban allows José Gaudet to go in search of the old car ideal for him. Fortunately, Gildor Roy, who speaks Spanish fluently, accompanies him to Cuba, far from all-inclusions. Starting Monday, October 14 at 9pm.

As the humor is very popular on this channel watched by 60% by men, Pierre Hébert returns on Thursday, September 5 at 9 pm, This is not a talk show , the second biggest hit of the chain last season, with a program that has exceeded 300,000 viewers. A record for Z. Custom Comedy is back for a third season and 13 shows on Thursday at 9:30 pm. Fabien Cloutier, Phil Roy and Philippe Laprise, among other things, go to villages in Quebec to pay a little bit of the head of its inhabitants. The most watched show of the specialty entertainment channels, Roast Battle: the big duel, also broke a record by averaging more than 200,000 viewers for the entire season. Alexandre Barrette will return to winter with new clashes.


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