Marie-Ève Gélinas gold!

Marie-Ève Gélinas en or!

Three-Rivers — After having spent the last four years dreaming of a gold medal at the Canada Games, Marie-Ève Gélinas has seen its aspirations to become a reality on Thursday in Red Deer in Alberta while she was sacred champion of the individual event, shooting the recurve bow.

In 2015, Prince George, British Columbia) had been turning heads by earning two bronze medals at the age of 14 years only. Thursday, Gélinas has provided for the leave another impression is still very favourable in rising to the summit of his discipline.

“I wanted nothing less than the gold medal. I was pretty stressed out before starting the competition, but I felt confident too. I am greatly relieved and also very proud to have won,” said the gold medallist, in an interview with Le Nouvelliste, a few minutes after his victory.

Gélinas is not pointing in Alberta in the best of spirits at the dawn of this important competition. The weeks prior to the training were not necessarily a sign of a triumph. However, once the feet are posed in Red Deer, the talent and confidence have resurfaced.

She first completed the preliminary round in first place before taking a stand during the day playoff on Thursday. “This is what is beautiful with our sport, it is to demonstrate the constancy to be able to win. Despite the nervousness at the beginning, I managed to get manage, and I kept the best for the end. I had my head fixed on the goal. For the last match, I really delivered what I’m capable of,” said the door-club colours The Sagittarius.

In the final, Gélinas was measured to the revelation of the week to the test of archery. Initially, everything seemed to point to a duel ultimate between the) and the Ontario Ryli Valliere, two members of the national team development. However, Adi Shapira, British Columbia has caused the surprise to sneak up to the final. In the match for the gold medal, Gélinas had to fight until the end to finally win narrowly 6-4.

“I saw the big happiness now. In 2015, I was here for the experience, because I was very young. This time, I had to win and that is what I did. It is the most beautiful moment of my career!”

With his individual title in the pocket, Gélinas will complement its Canada Games with the playoffs by a team with Jacob Gagnon. The duo finished the preliminary round in fourth place. “We aim for the podium. It is still well until now, but the fourth place does not reflect what we’re capable of,” says Gélinas.

A medal as a gift

Trampoline, Sara-Jade Berthiaume was offered a gift for his 19th birthday by winning the bronze medal in the synchronized event in the company of his teammate, Lauren Roux. In the final, the quebec duo got 41,23 points for his routine, just behind the tandems of Saskatchewan (43,25) and Nova Scotia (41,53).

For the door-colours of the club Trampoline Intercité, it was a second visit to the podium in Red Deer this week, after his gold medal taken away from the team event.

If it had not the feeling of having truly contributed to the team victory, on Tuesday, the protégé of France Bouffard enjoyed more this bronze medal. “There, I can be proud of me. It’s good for you. My partner and I were injured to the ankle so we can rejoice in the result. But at the same time, we know we would have been able to go to win the Canada Games, so he remains a little disappointment,” she admitted.

At the end of a week exhausting,) drew a balance sheet is somewhat disappointing according to their standards. “My week has not been easy, with mediocre results. I know that I could have done better in the individual event and team. But I fought well, both physically and mentally to finish strong. I regret nothing of my experience.”

Sixth place for Lecours

For its part, the He Charles Lecours has completed its Canada Games with a sixth position at the race of 5 km of skiing para-nordic standing, Thursday. Earlier in the competition, the door-colours of the club Mauriski had earned the fifth place in the sprint and 2.5 km.

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