Marc-Andre Bergeron starts the search for a hockey team to Three-Rivers

Marc-André Bergeron se lance à la recherche d'une équipe de hockey pour Trois-Rivières

THREE-RIVERS — Already a busy time since he took his retirement from hockey, Marc-Andre Bergeron added a string to his bow on Wednesday by being named advisor to the research team for the new Colisée de Trois-Rivières.

This appointment is not a surprise, The Short-story was noised discussions advanced between the president of the Eagles and the ex-mayor Yves Lévesque at the end of January. A few hours after the publication of the article, the City had insured Bergeron that the departure of Levesque would not change the mandate, we wanted to entrust to him. There have been meetings, and the development of the contract, and finally, the official seal of the municipal authorities in the late afternoon on Wednesday.

“I am very happy for this new challenge. It is an honor to be a solicitation for my city. We will have access to an infrastructure of the first quality. My job is to present all the scenarios to the furnish. There are a lot of opportunities,” says Bergeron.

His first call will be housed in the Cataract today. Lévesque has always said that his preference was to return within the frameworks of the QMJHL. The Cataracts have lost their veto territorial but the new regulation still protects very well if they don’t want to see the competition and settle in the Mauricie region. “It’s just normal to talk to the Cataracts first. I’m going to request a meeting, to listen to their point of view, to see if there is a way to agree. My vest is in the ceiling of the arena, I have tremendous respect for Cataracts. In addition, as president of the Eagles, I am well placed to know that this is not easy to operate a franchise of sports. The idea is to go and see if we can help each other, if a partnership could work.”

Of course, the second target will be the Canadian, orphan of a team in the East Coast League since the start of the season. Questioned by Le Nouvelliste in January, the Canadian said he was open to meet with the envoy he. “I spoke with Geoff Molson, but it was an informal discussion, it had nothing to do with this folder. When the timing will be good, it will make me pleasure to meet with him to discuss the possibilities offered by the new Coliseum.”

These are the two records most likely to be led to good port. By contrast, Bergeron promises to explore other options. “The american League is not excluded from the equation, far from it. I also want to talk about the Toronto Raptors, in the NBA, to see if they have interest in bringing a club-school in us. Bring together two teams under the same roof, it is possible. It may even be desirable. At this stage, no option should be ruled out. I’m going to cast the net as wide as possible.”

At the same time hunting for future tenants, Bergeron has the mandate to find investors who might embark in the adventure. “I’ve had discussions with some people these past few weeks. It was embryonic, informal. There was interest but now, we are going to push it to see how it is serious,” says Bergeron, who refuses to reveal names.

“It would nothing to go there for the moment. When things are attached, it will make me pleasure to spread the good news!”

Bergeron is also a little mysterious about his intentions to be or not that itself is part of the project, which will be retained.

“I have not taken this mandate for it. I have already a lot on my table. If I had to make a decision about this now, this would be no. But hey, why close doors unnecessarily? We’ll see in time and place. It may take some time before getting there. At this time, the only thing that concerns me in this folder, it is the canvassing.”

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