The Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus can hit you anywhere – even deep in your buttocks. This is shown by the case of a Japanese man who suddenly complained of a strange feeling in his bowel after the acute illness.

A 77-year-old Japanese man had already survived Covid 19.

 man suffers from

But then he had to go to the hospital again. (Pictured: Tokyo Medical University Hospital)

man suffers from Covid -19 disease under & laquo; anal discomfort & raquo;

The reason: The 77-year-old suddenly felt «restless, deep anal discomfort that was about 10 cm away from the perineum region.»

That's what

  • After his Covid 19 illness, a Japanese man was plagued by a delicate problem.

  • He felt “restless” and “deep anal discomfort”.

  • The doctors diagnosed restless anal syndrome.

  • It is the first known case of this type.

The Japanese had already survived Covid-19. But he was still plagued by insomnia and anxiety. Several weeks after his discharge from the hospital, where he had been treated during the acute phase, a new symptom suddenly appeared: The 77-year-old suddenly felt “restless, deep anal discomfort that was about 10 cm away from the perineal region”, as can be read in the specialist journal “BMC Infectious Diseases”. This went hand in hand with the unrestrained urge, which grew stronger towards evening, to want to move the bowel. But going to the toilet didn't help.

After a detailed examination of the patient, in which possible causes such as diabetes mellitus, kidney dysfunction and iron deficiency could be ruled out, only one diagnosis came into question for the treating doctors at the University Hospital in Tokyo: the 77-year-old suffered from a so-called restless anal syndrome . This is a variant of the much more common restless leg syndrome, or RLS for short (see box). “This case fulfills four essential characteristics of the RLS: urge to move, aggravation at rest, improvement with movement and aggravation in the evening,” said Itaru Nakamura, an expert in infection prevention and control at the Medical University of Tokyo, and his colleagues.

RLS – when the legs cannot rest

Restless legs syndrome is characterized by unpleasant sensations such as tingling, pulling or tension in the legs. These abnormal sensations tend to occur in the evening or at night and impair sleep. Movement brings improvement, so those affected feel an irresistible urge to move their legs and feet. The exact cause of the disease is not known. A genetic predisposition, an altered iron metabolism or an imbalance in the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain may play a role.

The RLS is relatively common. As the Hirslanden Group writes, up to ten percent of the population suffer from it. Women are affected about twice as often as men. Various circumstances are known which favor the development of restless legs syndrome. These include pregnancy, iron deficiency, kidney failure and, in general, old age.

Anti-seizure drug helps

RLS primarily affects – the name says it all – the legs. In the past, however, variants in the abdomen and mouth have also been observed. In the anal area, however, it has never been found, so the doctors. This is the first known case of this kind. It remains unclear what triggered the complaints. Too little is known about the variant for that. The doctors were able to rule out a family history of RLS.

According to the case report, giving 1.5 milligrams of clonazepam per day resulted in relief from the anal problem. The preparation, which is manufactured by Roche under the name Rivotril, is used for the drug treatment of cerebral seizures and belongs to the benzodiazepine group of active ingredients.

Restless anal syndrome possibly underdiagnosed

It is known that Covid-19 can be associated with neurological symptoms. And also that these can persist in the long term. The most common are chronic fatigue syndrome, memory problems and difficulty concentrating. This also includes the so-called Covid brain or Guillain-Barré syndrome. On the other hand, RLS cases in connection with Covid-19 have only been reported sporadically.

The doctors name two other cases. But it is possible that it occurs much more frequently, according to the Japanese medical professionals: “A Covid-19-related RLS or a variant of RLS may be underdiagnosed, and we should look out for similar cases in order to establish the connection between Covid-19 and RLS clarify. »

The coronavirus can also cause problems for men in the anterior genital area. The number of erectile dysfunction has increased significantly since the beginning of the pandemic. Several studies and experience reports meanwhile show this:

 Man suffers from & laquo; anal discomfort after Covid-19 disease

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only given people masks, but also erectile problems for some men.

man suffers from Covid -19 disease under & laquo; anal discomfort & raquo;

This is not only supported by the skyrocketing sales of sexual enhancers such as Viagra or …

 Man suffers from & laquo; anal discomfort after Covid-19 disease

… the preparation Cialis, which is particularly popular in the USA.

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 Man suffers from

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