Major water damage in a building in downtown Quebec

A major water damage in an apartment building on rue Saint-Vallier Est in Quebec City forced the intervention of Quebec City firefighters around 11 a.m. on Thursday.
T he emergency services went to a four-story building at 325 rue Saint-Vallier Est, in the Côte d’Abraham. Two fire trucks and an ambulance intervened on the scene. Quebec City police were also present to provide traffic in the area.

The Quebec Fire Protection Service (SPCIQ) informed the public of its intervention on its Twitter account.

According to information collected by Le Soleil , the system of the main water inlet located in one of the apartments has broken. Water would have flowed very quickly in the apartment The tenant would be absent for a few days, the firefighters had to break down the door to go inside.

It was possible to see the water draining through the door and the balcony, witnesses said. The water supply was cut off for the entire building until work was done.

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