The comedian who was accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend in the summer wants to go back to the big stage. He has announced a tour of Germany for 2022.

Presenter and comedian Luke Mockridge (32) announced his preliminary career end in September. Now he has surprisingly announced his comeback. With his show “Luke Mockridge – Welcome back to Luckyland”, the 32-year-old wants to be back on stage in the spring of 2022.

Luke Mockridge is making his comeback

Only recently, the comedian was treated in a psychiatric clinic. «Luke no longer understands the world, is mentally completely on the floor. This unbelievable hatred, especially from the Internet, is destroying him, ”a friend said of his stay in the clinic at the time.

Luke Mockridge is making his comeback

In the spring it became public that Luke's ex-girlfriend Ines Anioli (35) had reported him for attempted rape. In a statement from August, the comedian protested his innocence and stated that, according to the prosecutor, there was no suspicion. Nevertheless, he canceled all appearances for the current year.

That's what

  • Actually, comedian Luke Mockridge (32) had canceled all appearances for the current and coming year.

  • The reason: An ex-girlfriend's advertisement for attempted rape and an article in which other women accuse him of sexual assault.

  • The comedian Then went to a psychiatric clinic for treatment.

  • Now he has surprisingly announced his comeback for 2022.

After several women publicly accused him of sexual assault, comedian Luke Mockridge canceled his planned TV comeback for 2022 in September. The 32-year-old then received intensive psychological treatment in a psychiatric clinic in North Rhine-Westphalia for more than a month. Now he has surprisingly announced his comeback.

With his show “Luke Mockridge – Welcome back to Luckyland”, the 32-year-old wants to make people laugh again as early as the spring of 2022. In September, however, he emphasized in a statement video that he had published on Instagram in response to the rape allegations that he would like to voluntarily withdraw from the public because of the public allegations and “the wave of hatred” against him on the Internet/p>

Sat. 1 is happy

The team behind the TV station Sat. 1 never seemed to have doubted that Luke would be back next year. In September, spokesman Christoph Körfer told the newspaper: “Sat. 1 is pleased that Luke Mockridge will be back next year as an artist with his successful shows and new programs. We respect that he decided not to be on screen this year. »

Luke is said to have received death threats

The comedian was silent on the allegations for months before he published an eight-minute video statement on Instagram in August and canceled all of his appearances for the current year. He also protested his innocence and stated that his ex-girlfriend's complaint had been checked by the public prosecutor's office at the time and the public prosecutor came to the conclusion that there was no suspicion of a crime. He also reported death threats and said that his family was “showered with insults every day”.

A month later, the next hit followed with an article in «Spiegel» – and with it the temporary end of his career. Ten women, including another ex-girlfriend, reported that the TV star had attacked them. Those allegedly affected describe him as “aggressive” and “inconsiderate” – as someone who does not accept a “no”. For example, he is said to have pushed a woman in the club to a kiss despite repeated rejections and to have groped a fan on the bum while taking a selfie.

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Luke, for his part, declined to comment in the article and later filed a lawsuit against the Hamburg magazine for inadmissible suspicion reporting. The decision of the Regional Court of Cologne: The magazine may no longer arouse the suspicion that Luke forced his ex-girlfriend into a certain sexual practice.

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