Less severe heritage renovation rules on Ile Orleans

Minister of Culture Nathalie Roy relaxes the rules surrounding heritage construction and renovation on Île d’Orléans. Thermal insulated wood windows and asphalt shingle roofs will be permitted in some cases.
The government is responding to the resentment that has been heard on the Island of Orleans for several months. Many citizens accused the Ministry of Culture of being too harsh in implementing the Île d’Orléans Conservation Plan.

In a statement released Thursday, the minister announces a series of new measures, which come into effect immediately.

For example, it will be possible for building owners who do not contribute to the heritage values ​​of the site to install patio doors behind their homes, garages attached to the house and to choose dark siding for the exterior cladding.

The rules will also be relaxed for citizens who live outside the heritage core of their municipality.

The Minister is of the opinion that contentious cases can be more easily settled with the new rules. “They are not a purpose, but a new starting point for preserving the site,” says Roy.

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