Laurie-Ann Laflamme, life more than anything

If Laurie-Ann Laflamme were to describe herself in one word, she would undoubtedly qualify as lucky. Lucky to be alive, in every sense of the word, and that it opens up a world of possibilities. How can you be so lucid at 17? Having come close to death and having seen him leave with half his family.
L aurie-Ann Laflamme is studying in Secondary V at the Verbe Divin de Granby. School is his hideout. The place where she feels good. “I love school! she says, stars in her eyes. Education is the greatest gift you can receive. We are lucky to have access to it. “

Curious speech coming from a teenager admitted to a school for the first time … in Secondary III.


The Laflamme family has not had an ordinary journey. Since childhood, Laurie-Ann and her family – her father Pascal, mother Jennifer Mawn and younger brother Arthur – have traveled around the world. In total, they visited up to 30 countries before landing on Reunion Island, the Indian Ocean, Mauritius and, finally, Ecuador.

During all these years, the children went to school at home with private teachers. “I will always continue to learn in honor of my mother,” insists Laurie-Ann. We have so much to discover. My mother was a wonderful woman who continues to inspire me deeply. ”

If the young woman talks about her mother in the past, it is because the latter died on the evening of April 16, 2016 when the deadliest earthquake struck the small town of Bahia de Caraquez, where they lived, in Ecuador. The quake, which reached 7.8 on the Richter scale, killed 642 people that night, including Jennifer Mawn and her son Arthur, Laurie-Ann’s brother. He was 12 years old.

“In 20 seconds, it was over,” she says with disconcerting balance. It was chaotic. An earthquake makes a lot of noise and dust … It smells like concrete … My father and I were ridiculously lucky. The two coped with major lacerations to the hands and feet requiring surgery, nothing more. Laurie-Ann was injured in the legs, but there was nothing broken.

“The house collapsed and in the rubble, we found an intact bulb and bottle of champagne …”, she illustrates to mark how absurd life can sometimes be.

After returning to Quebec and a difficult year, Laurie-Ann began to frequent the Divine Word. Studious and ready to undertake long studies to become a veterinarian. It targets surgery. Next year, she wishes to be admitted to the Sherbrooke Seminary.

“I’m used to moving every four years, so for CEGEP, it will be Sherbrooke!” ยป, She laughs.

Go-getter, generous and involved

The second word that describes Laurie-Ann in a good way is go-getter. This animal lover, at 11 years old, was already watching over the stray dogs of her small sunny village. With the help of a veterinarian, she set up a sterilization and vaccination campaign there. “In the same field, it is good to open up our horizons,” she underlines. So she was already a groom and she did internships in different veterinary clinics, here in Quebec, among others in animal ophthalmology, a very rare field.

At the Verb Divine, she launched, with a friend and teachers, a “magnificent hive project” and as a hobby, she makes animal portraits. Dogs, especially. Drawing is an art that she developed by watching videos on the Internet. Today, his furry animals made at the mine sell for between $ 150 and $ 200 each. She even received orders for the holiday season!

The first time she touched watercolors was to give life to the cover page of her school’s 2019-2020 agenda. “I love life and I love to learn,” she insists with overflowing energy, imbued with great wisdom. Yes, sometimes life is pocket, but we are so lucky just to be there, that we have to do something with it! People often say that I am talented, but I do not agree with them at all. Everyone has talent. It just takes effort and time. ”

And have no regrets, she adds. “I was raised in confidence,” she says. I had a good bond of attachment with my mother. I have traveled, I have seen all my needs met and I only have good memories. Memories that I cherish. Life is too short to live with regrets. “

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