Laurence Vincent Lapointe: the decision is postponed

Trois-Rivières – The International Canoe Federation (ICF) is asking for more time to study Laurence Vincent Lapointe’s file. The ICF Anti-Doping Control Committee informed the Trois-Rivières athlete that he would not be able to render a decision within 30 days of the date of the hearing, which took place at Lausanne on December 9th.
The world queen of female canoeing also spoke, by press release, for the first time since its two press conferences in August, held in Montreal and Trois-Rivières.

“I am certainly disappointed that I did not know the final decision of the committee, as I hoped. In the circumstances and awaiting the final decision, I am still happy to be able to resume training on the water, ”said the one who will leave for Florida in the coming days, in order to resume training.

“The Tokyo Olympics start in less than 200 days and I don’t have a day to waste to train as hard as I can. My dream of winning a gold medal is far from dead! I still believe in it and going back to training is the first step to put the odds on my side. ”

According to Vincent Lapointe’s lawyer, Me Adam Klevinas, the committee could render its decision within two weeks. “This additional delay should in no case be considered as an unfavorable indication of the decision rendered to Laurence. We remain confident that, when the ICF makes its decision, Laurence will be whitewashed and able to put this matter behind her to finally pursue her ultimate goal: to win Olympic gold in Tokyo. ”

Laurence Vincent Lapointe, 13 times world champion in canoeing, failed a ligandrol doping test in July in Montreal. Suspended provisionally since August 13 by her international federation, the 27-year-old woman has always maintained that she had not intentionally used this illicit substance.

The A and B samples taken on July 29 in Montreal did contain ligandrol but, according to the Vincent Lapointe clan, “for minute quantities”.

In an interview with La Presse , Me Klevinas said he expected to receive the favor of the ICF doping control committee, made up of three arbitrators and before whom Vincent Lapointe pleaded last month in Switzerland.

The Trois-Rivières’ C2 teammate, Ontarian Katie Vincent, succeeded in qualifying a Canadian boat for the C1 200 meters Olympic event, one of the two female canoe competitions scheduled for Tokyo next summer.

It is over this distance, the C1 200 meters, that Vincent Lapointe has reigned on the planetary scene for years. For Canada, it therefore remains to qualify a boat for the C2 500 m, an event that Vincent Lapointe and his teammate Vincent are also used to dominating.

Before being suspended, Laurence Vincent Lapointe was therefore identified as a potential double gold medalist at the 2020 Summer Olympics. The rest of her career now rests in the hands of the ICF doping control committee.

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