Laurence Vincent-Lapointe fails an anti-doping test: “I am a person of integrity”.

World women’s canoe champion Laurence Vincent-Lapointe has recently failed an anti-doping test and is suspended until further notice by the International Canoe Federation.
P ar result, the Trois-Rivières will not take part in the World Championships to be held in Hungary from Wednesday.

In a statement, Vincent Lapointe said he was swimming in a nightmare, one year ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

“I am still in shock and completely devastated by the situation because I have done absolutely nothing wrong and because I have nothing to hide. I am a person of integrity. Cheating in all its forms is repugnant to me. I believe in a clean sport and that’s what I apply as a principle in my life as an athlete. I would never have risked my name, my reputation, my career to improve my performances and widen the gap with my opponents. I feel like in a nightmare. I still can not believe what’s happening to me. Since I learned that my test was positive, just a few days ago, I did everything I could, with the support of CKC, and in a short period of time, to find where this substance comes from. prohibited found in my test and prove that I am innocent,

She will take stock of her situation on Tuesday during a press conference.

According to initial information provided by Canoe-Kayak Canada, the substance found in the Trifluvienne’s sample has been the subject of recent cases of contaminated supplements.

“Canoe Kayak Canada fully supports Laurence in this extremely difficult and unhappy situation and we will do everything in our power to help her prove her innocence,” said Casey Wade, Chief Executive Officer of Canoe Kayak Canada. “It goes without saying that CKC firmly believes in a clean sport, but we have strong reason to believe that Laurence has taken all necessary precautions with respect to anti-doping rules and procedures and that she does not did not intentionally take prohibited substance. We will continue to help him to determine how this unfortunate situation may have occurred, “he added.

Laurence Vincent-Lapointe has 13 world champion titles in women’s canoe since the beginning of her career.

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