His younger sister battled leukemia for ten years. For this reason, the Hollywood star wants to help fund research into blood cancer.

Keanu Reeves is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood.

Keanu Reeves donates 70 percent of his & laquo; Matrix & raquo; salary

His role as hacker Neo in “The Matrix” made the 57-year-old world famous.

Keanu Reeves donates 70 percent of his & laquo; Matrix & raquo; salary

Particularly nice: He didn't spend the fee he earned from the first “Matrix” strip lavishly, he did something incredibly generous.


  • Actor Keanu Reeves (57) is said to have donated 70 percent of his salary for his first “Matrix” film to support leukemia research.

  • There is a personal story behind the charitable gesture : His sister developed blood cancer and fought the disease for ten years.

  • Her famous brother cared for and supported her in her recovery, even putting his own life on hold.

Since December, Keanu Reeves has been back on the big screen in the new “Matrix: Resurrections”. In 1999 he made his first appearance as Hacker Neo – and is said to have earned the equivalent of around 44 million Swiss francs with his star role. The now 57-year-old was not wasteful with his salary at the time – on the contrary.

According to LadBibel, the Hollywood star is said to have donated a large part of his fee to finance research into blood cancer and the search for a cure. Reeves is said to have made 70 percent of his first “Matrix” content – the equivalent of around 40 million francs – available for leukemia research. Behind the actor's generosity lies a private stroke of fate.

He sold his house and moved in with his sister

In 1991 his sister Kim was diagnosed with leukemia. Keanu Reeves then took care of her, cared for and supported her in her recovery. He also sold his house and moved in with his sister. It was his care that ensured that the second part of “The Matrix” was delayed.

During this difficult time, the Hollywood star also founded his charity to help adults and children with cancer support. Reeves hardly commented on his organization because he did not want this to be associated with his celebrity, he once said in an interview.

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