What looked like a flirt now seems to be definitive: Julia Fox writes about romantic days with the rapper in a text she wrote herself. Pictures show that they didn't let anything burn.

Kanye West has apparently completely forgotten Kim. New pictures show how he turtles with actress Julia Fox (31).

Kanye West l & auml; Have a real blast with his newcomer

Fox is an Italian-American actress. It was not until 2019 that she made her acting debut in the film “The Black Diamond” and was nominated directly at the Gotham Awards and thus achieved greater fame.

Kanye West l & auml; sst it really crash with his newcomer

Fox has been married to private pilot Peter Artemiev since 2018, but denigrated her husband before Christmas in several Instagram posts and described him as a” failure, alcoholic and drug addicted father ». The couple have a son together.

That's what

  • Kim Kardashian (41) and rapper Kanye West (44) have long been considered a dream couple.

  • In February 2021, the entrepreneur filed for divorce due to “irreconcilable differences”.

  • While she is longer with comedian Pete Davidson (28), Kanye also seems to have forgiven his heart

  • The new one at his side is actress Julia Fox (31).

  • He's spent a lot with her since New Year's Eve Time – and it was hot and cold for both of them.

The days of Kim Kardashian (41) and rapper Kanye West (44) as Hollywood's power couple are numbered – a love comeback is obviously definitely out of the question. Because not only Kim has a new flame at her side with Pete Davidson (28), ex-husband Kanye also seems to have given his heart to actress Julia Fox (31).

As Fox himself writes in the US “Interview Magazine”, the two first met in Miami at a New Year's Eve party, where there was an “immediate connection” between them. The two wanted to maintain this energy and immediately agreed to meet for a second date in New York. Together they attended the play «Slave Play». “The flight from Ye landed at six and it was at seven – and he was there on time. I was impressed », the article continues.

Hot hours in the hotel

The couple then went to one of their favorite restaurants. The magazine also published a series of photos by Fox and West that showed them on the date. In one of the pictures the couple is sitting romantically against each other in a restaurant, in other photos the actress and the musician are kissing lovingly. The guests around them are said to have cheered them on during the shoot, reports Fox.

The two ended the evening in a hotel suite. Fox enthuses that it was full of clothes. “It felt like a real Cinderella moment.” Other photos show the actress trying on different outfits. Apparently hot scenes also took place in the hotel: While Kanye is lying on the floor, Fox pounces on him in a picture. Another subject shows how he presses her against the wall and kisses her.

The rapper has not yet commented publicly on his affair with Julia Fox.

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