Kansas cop resigns after sparking false controversy

A Kansas police officer resigned on Monday, his boss confirmed, after sparking false controversy involving the McDonald’s fast food chain.
Herington police chief Brian Hornaday himself sparked controversy by posting a photo on the Facebook social network showing a cup of coffee said to have been received by one of his officers at a McDonald’s restaurant.

On the glass, the 23-year-old officer alleged that an employee wrote the words “fucking pig” as an insult to his police work.

At a press conference on Monday, Chief Hornaday confirmed that the agent had “completely and completely fabricated” the allegations. The ex-police officer would have explained to his boss that the gesture “was intended to be a joke”.

According to the chief of police, the officer had only been on duty for about two months after serving almost five years in the United States military.

Chef Hornaday praised McDonald’s for investigating the matter while cooperating with its service.

A Kansas police officer resigned Monday after fabricating a story that employees at a local McDonald’s wrote the words “F—ing Pig” on his coffee cup. https://nbcnews.to/36hXbl2

Kansas cop off force after fake claim McDonald’s workers wrote ‘pig’ on coffee cup
“This was completely and solely fabricated by a Herington police officer no longer employed with the agency,” the police chief said Monday.

Calling the incident “an obvious violation” of public confidence, the police chief described the gesture as “a black eye for the police”.

Earlier today, management at McDonald’s restaurant in Junction City denied all of the young police officer’s allegations.

In a press release, the owner of the establishment, Dana Cook, assured that the images of the security cameras made it possible to prove that no employee had written anything on the cup given to the police officer.

In an interview with a local TV station, the police chief said that his Facebook post was based on his complete confidence in the integrity of his police officer.

“It would be foolish for any police force not to believe the word of one of their police officers until there is evidence to the contrary,” he said.

Discussions are said to have taken place with the local prosecutor, but no criminal charges were pending against the agent behind the hoax.

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