Journalist Pierre Nadeau dies at the age of 82

The famous journalist Pierre Nadeau died on Tuesday, September 3rd, at the age of 82 years.
His daughter, Radio-Canada reporter and anchor Pascale Nadeau, confirmed the news in a message posted on her Twitter account.

“Broken heart, I announce that this morning, very slowly, in my arms, died my brave, resilient and combative father, Pierre Nadeau. I wish you the most beautiful trip, “she wrote a little before 3 pm

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: “saddened” by the passing of Pierre Nadeau, “a great journalist who always asked the real questions. Through his reports, he helped us to better know and understand our world. His passion and integrity will continue to inspire us. ”

Also reacting on Twitter, the Quebec premier, François Legault, offered his thoughts to relatives of the deceased. “I am sad to hear of the death of a great Quebec journalist. Pierre Nadeau was a cultured man, an outstanding interviewer. We miss his big interviews in Format 60, “he wrote.

A true institution within the Quebec journalism community, but also a television personality among the public, Mr. Nadeau had been suffering from Parkinson’s for several years.

He had publicly announced that he was suffering from this degenerative disease during a passage behind the microphone of Christiane Charette’s show in December 2008.

It was after discovering that “something was not quite right” when returning from filming in the West Bank, that the veteran reporter decided to “get away from the job a little bit. , would have moved away from (him) “, he had then confided.

Her former colleague and co-host on the show Le Point in the early 1980s, Madeleine Poulin, believes that Pierre Nadeau has set the bar “inaccessibly high” for all journalists who have followed.

“I would say that it stands out completely still today,” says the eminent journalist who remembers a gentleman always ready to help his young colleagues with a courteous and generous attitude, never condescending.

His first memory goes back to the very beginning of his career when Radio-Canada started live conversations between the host and journalists in the 1960s. All journalists were intimidated by this formula without a net, recalls Ms. Poulin, but Pierre Nadeau managed to reassure them.

“My first memory is the solicitude he had for a novice journalist, like me, whom he helped to cope relatively well. I think it was perhaps because he had the help of Judith Jasmin, he, as a young journalist, “says one who does not hesitate to talk about Mr. Nadeau as a mentor.

Simon Durivage also co-hosted Le Point with Pierre Nadeau. He speaks of this time as “the four most beautiful years of (his) professional life”. For him, his late colleague did more than inspire future generations, he led Quebeckers to raise their level of language by his concern for the quality of French spoken on screen.

What impressed him the most about his “greatest” job was “his ability to absorb a ton of information and relay it in 30 seconds, then develop with an interview or an exciting report “.

Alain Saulnier, professor of journalism at the Université de Montréal and former director of information for the French services of Radio-Canada, was a close collaborator of Pierre Nadeau at the time of the programs “Le Point” and “Enjeux” .

“He was an information giant. For me, it’s the biggest we’ve had in Quebec. We have just lost a real monument of journalism, “he told The Canadian Press.

Pierre Nadeau has spent more than 25 years working for Radio-Canada. We see him here animate the show “The 60”, in 1973.
Pierre Nadeau has spent more than 25 years working for Radio-Canada. We see him here animate the show “The 60”, in 1973.

In the opinion of Mr. Saulnier, Pierre Nadeau inspired a large number of people to practice journalism. He himself admits that Mr. Nadeau was his idol long before becoming his co-worker.

“When I joined Radio-Canada, I could not believe that I was sitting next to someone of his stature, his build. He had an extraordinary culture, a curiosity like no one, “he shares, adding that without being close friends, the two men exchanged news from time to time.

The President of the Quebec Federation of Professional Journalists (FPJQ), Stéphane Giroux, talks about Pierre Nadeau as “one of the most credible voices of TV journalism throughout his career”.

“It’s a man who knew how to ask questions, who knew how to get answers and who mastered the French language in an admirable way”, describes the CTV journalist who is among the heirs inspired by the model defined by M Nadeau.

“He was not an ordinary journalist. He opened doors and gave his journalism acclaim to Quebec journalism, “he concludes.

In 2001, the host won the Gemini Grand Prix of the Academy of Television and Cinema.

Born in Montreal in 1936, Pierre Nadeau began his career at radio station CJBR in Rimouski before heading to Paris, where he was a reporter for the French Broadcasting Corporation (ORTF).

On his return to Quebec in the late 1950s, he was hired by Radio-Canada, who entrusted him with the animation of the television program “Caméra” from 1962, before appointing him corresponding in Paris in 1965 .

Pierre Nadeau will spend more than 25 years working for the Crown corporation – he will be seen successively on “Le 60” and “Pierre Nadeau rencontre” programs, and then at the helm of the public affairs segment “Le Point “on the newscast.

During his years at the CBC, he distinguished himself as a reporter, covering major events around the world.

At the dawn of the 1980s, he made the jump to TVA. During these few years spent with the competitor, he co-produced and animated variety programs, including Ferland-Nadeau live, with Jean-Pierre Ferland, in addition to presenting the judicial history series “The Great Trials”.

After this brief passage on the TVA side, Pierre Nadeau returns to the fold and hosts, on the airwaves of Radio-Canada, the program “Enjeux”.

Pierre Nadeau’s career has been marked by awards. He has been rewarded time and time again for the excellence of his work, whether by institutions, the public or his colleagues.

In 1992, he was knighted by the National Order of Quebec, before being named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2009.

Winner of six Gemini trophies, Pierre Nadeau won the Gémeaux Grand Prix of the Academy of Television and Cinema in 2001. A year later, the Banff Festival selected him as one of the 50 most famous personalities in Canada’s first 50 years of television.

In 2008, her journalism colleagues awarded her the Judith-Jasmin Award for her entire career.

The anchor of the CBC and daughter of the missing, Pascale Nadeau, announced the sad news on his Twitter account around 15h on Tuesday.

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