The show master is one of Germany's most popular television faces. Now the quota magnet changes employers. It will still be shown on the TV screens.

Jörg Pilawa (56) is one of the most successful moderators in German-speaking countries.

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after 20 years at ARD and NDR. Now the TV man is leaving the broadcasters ARD and NDR after almost 20 years.

J & ouml; rg Pilawa is listening to

after 20 years with ARD and NDR. He is supposed to switch to the private broadcaster Sat.1 for various shows.

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  • is aboutTV presenter Jörg Pilawa is leaving the broadcasters ARD and NDR after almost 20 years.

  • According to “Bild”, the 56-year-old will take over moderation on Sat.1 this year .

  • Pilawa is one of Germany's most famous television faces and one of the quota magnets.

  • In Switzerland it will be on February 5th to be seen temporarily for the last time on the Eurovision program “Quiz without borders” at 8.15 p.m.

TV presenter Jörg Pilawa and ARD go their separate ways. According to a report in the “Bild” newspaper, the popular quiz master is switching to the private broadcaster Sat.1. The Norddeutsche Rundfunk announced the separation on Thursday in Hamburg. “With one interruption, I worked for ARD and NDR for over 20 years and was able to present numerous great and above all successful formats there,” said the 56-year-old, according to the broadcaster. “I'm very grateful to ARD and especially NDR for that. Of course you leave with sadness after such a long and intense time. »

The “Bild” reported that Sat.1 will broadcast Pilawa's first show on the new broadcaster as early as the spring. The entertainer will then present different formats over the year. A statement from Sat.1 is still pending. The station only announced to the German news agency dpa: “We do not participate in personnel speculation. The fact is: Jörg Pilawa is a TV legend who suits every broadcaster. »

Pilawa as a quota magnet

The 56-year-old is one of Germany's most famous television faces and is a quota magnet for ARD. Just last week, 3.81 million viewers watched his New Year's Eve show on Das Erste. Pilawa is present above all with the ARD pre-evening program «Quizduell».

The ARD entertainment coordinator, Frank Beckmann, thanked the moderator by saying goodbye. «Jörg Pilawa has decided to break new ground as a presenter and showmaster. He made the success of the quiz formats possible on the eve of the first. Unforgettable how he moderated the “quiz duel” live for days, even though nothing technically worked. ” Pilawa is an “entertainer by vocation”.

In 2022, Pilawa will be seen a few more times with already recorded shows on Erste and NDR television. “Until the middle of the year he will moderate the” quiz duel “on Friday evening at 6:50 pm, and all episodes of the” NDR Quizshow “for 2022 have already been recorded and can be seen on NDR television until the end of the year”, according to the NDR. In Switzerland it will be seen temporarily for the last time on February 5th at 8:15 pm on the Eurovision program “Quiz without Borders” on SRF, ORF and on Erste.

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