After several years behind the “G&G” camera, he is now stepping forward: Joel Grolimund (30) will join the existing moderation team from next Monday.

Joel Grolimund (30) will take on a new position as moderator for the SRF society magazine “Gesichter und Stories” from Monday, January 17.

Joel Grolimund moderates new «faces and stories»

The young talent complements the existing “G&G” team Salar Bahrampoori (42), Nicole Berchtold (43) and Jennifer Bosshard (28, from left).

Joel Grolimund moderates new «faces and stories»

Grolimund has been working at «Faces and Stories» since 2017. Before that he worked as a moderator and producer at Radio Energy.

That's what it's all about

  • Joel Grolimund (30) is the new moderator of “Faces and Stories”.

  • SRF has announced that the Solothurn will be in front of the camera from next Monday.

  • Grolimund has been with the society magazine for several years, most recently as an editor and reporter.

«Faces and Stories» will have a new moderator in just a few days. As SRF announced in a media release on Friday morning, Joel Grolimund will join the existing moderation team of Jennifer Bosshard (28), Salar Bahrampoori (42) and Nicole Berchtold (43) from Monday, January 17th.

The 30-year-old has been working for the society magazine since 2017, first as an intern, then as an editor and reporter. Joel Grolimund was seen as a moderator in front of the camera in May last year as part of the “G&G” special for the Eurovision Song Contest.

«After having had exciting and instructive experiences behind the camera and on the social channels of 'Faces and Stories' at 'G&G' in recent years, I am now looking forward to presenting the most important cultural and social stories to the public in the future in front of the TV camera as a presenter,” said Grolimund in the media release about his new job.

Also on the radio

Even during his first assignments A special program awaits the new moderator in front of the camera. “G&G” will be broadcasting a social media week from January 17th, “where linear live television merges with the world of social media”. That suits Joel Grolimund: According to Paola Biason, Editor-in-Chief of “Faces and Stories”, he has already established himself as a moderator on the magazine's social media channels.

Joel Grolimund is also on the radio be heard: the Solothurn native has been moderating the afternoon program for SRF 3 every Sunday since 2019.

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