US President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump are crazy enemies. At Christmas time the hatchet is buried in the White House. At least symbolically.

Donald Trump and the former First Lady Melanie are moving back into the White House. At least on a framed photo on the Biden's Christmas tree.

Joe Biden h & auml; Donald Trump grabs the Christmas tree

US President Joe Biden had a bitter election campaign with his predecessor in 2020.

 Joe Biden hangs Donald Trump on the Christmas tree

Trump was voted out. He never accepted his defeat.

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  • is aboutThe Trumps are back in the White House.

  • US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill have decorated their Christmas tree with a photo of the former presidential couple.

  • Joe Biden and Donald Trump had a bitter election campaign in 2020.

Former US President Donald Trump made it back to the White House – at least in the form of a photo that hangs framed on the Christmas tree of Joe and Jill Biden, according to various US media reports. You see this as a gesture of reconciliation at Christmas time.

The photo of Donald Trump and his wife Melania hangs on the tree in the State Dining Room, along with snapshots of the Obamas, the families of Presidents Bush, the Reagans and the Carters. Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton also have a place on the President's Christmas tree. More photos of former presidential families, including the Trumps, decorate a hallway. On another wall are framed Christmas greetings from Biden, Obama and Trump.

Christmas armistice

The Christmas truce contrasts with the bitter relationship between the Trumps and the Bidens. After Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential election, Trump turned down the long-standing traditional invitation to tea that outgoing presidents and first ladies receive from their successors. Another break with the traditions in the White House: Trump never received his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama for an official portrait unveiling. The Republican has not yet had his own portrait hung in the White House.

Trump and Biden had fought a bitter election campaign. Trump has not accepted his defeat to this day. He suspects election fraud and has legally challenged the result through all instances. However, each of his lawsuits was thrown out. On January 6, 2021, the elected Trump gave a speech to his supporters in Washington in which he again spoke of alleged electoral fraud. Spurred on by this, there was a storm on the Capitol.

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