Job fair: more than 1700 jobs are to be filled

Salon de l’emploi: plus de 1700 emplois sont à pourvoir

Bécancour — More than 1700 jobs will be available on the occasion of the edition 2019 Show-emploi Trois-Rivières / Bécancour, which will take place on 27 and 28 march. During the first day, the exhibition will be held at the industrial Building of Three-Rivers 10: 30 am to 18 h. job seekers can meet with 115 exhibitors, of which one hundred companies.

For the second year, the Show will be followed the next day, a different room, completely virtual, this time, from 8 h to 17 h. “You’ll be able to navigate in a virtual way and to meet with different companies that will be there,” says Jean Côté deputy director-general in Innovation and economic development Trois-Rivières. They will be twenty in line and will have about 400 items to offer, most of them different from those which have been advertised the day before.

At the time of the press conference on Friday, Mr. Côté indicated that the Show was already almost at maximum capacity. “There will be something for all tastes,” he says.

Whereas last year, the theme of technologies of the information reflected in this annual meeting between head hunters and job seekers, “this year, there is a very wide variety of positions that are open,” says-t it. “There are even executive positions, and I think there is a post of director general,” he said.

Mr. Côté added that there will also be a bulletin board, to the industrial Building, during the fair, where some 400 jobs will also be offered by companies that will not be on-site.

IDE Trois-Rivières is organizing this event for the past seven years. On-site resources will be available to support job seekers to help with their c. v. and their way of being present in the interview.

Last year, approximately 4,000 visitors took part in a job fair 1700 virtually. “This is good news, the number of job seekers decreases,” says Mr. Côté.

The latter noted that the dynamic has changed. “There were a lot of job seekers and not employers. Now it is the opposite. We had to redevelop the industrial Building to make more spaces to businesses,” says-t it.

The director of the office of Services Québec Bécancour, Yvon Boivin, recalls that “all efforts should be made to promote the work integration of the largest possible number of people and to respond to the specific needs of companies in terms of labor. This annual event is a concrete way to achieve it,” he says.

“The job fair is therefore a preferred location for companies who wish to make themselves known and highlight what distinguishes them in the field of human resources management”, said Mr. Boivin.

By presenting in the Salon, job seekers “will be able to take advantage of the event to expand their network and demonstrate their expertise with businesses”, argues the director.

The mayor of Bécancour, Jean-Guy Dubois, is obviously very pleased that the event continues to include Bécancour for the past four years.

Previously, argues the mayor, the job seekers had the burden to appeal to employers. “Here, these are the employers who come to seduce the employees,” he says.

Jean-Guy Dubois finds that in this context of scarcity of labor, a very large number of companies display on their building, the phrase “we’re hiring.” It wants, so “we had 5,000 visitors,” this year, at the Salon de the emploi Trois-Rivières / Bécancour.

“It’s fun to be seduced. Then, come to the Salon, you seduced,” he says.

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