Japan: new catch of more than 2 million for the “king of tuna”

A prominent Japanese businessman specializing in sushi and nicknamed “the king of tuna” paid Sunday 193 million yen (2.17 million Canadian dollars) for a giant tuna at New Years auction main fish market in Tokyo.
C is Kiyoshi Kimura, owner of Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain, which has obtained the red tuna weighing 276 kilograms caught this year off the coast of Aomori prefecture (northern Japan).

“It’s the best,” Kimura told reporters after the pre-dawn auction. “Yes, it’s expensive, isn’t it?” I want our customers to eat very well again this year. ”

Kimura is a regular at records at the Tokyo fish market, which allows him to appear regularly in the media at this time of year.

Last year, he paid a record 2.7 million euros (3.9 million Canadian dollars) for a 278 kg tuna. In 2013, he also paid a record price, more than twice lower, for a smaller tuna, 222 kg.

The traditional New Year auction has been taking place since last year in the new Toyosu market. Located in an outlying district, it replaced the picturesque Tsukiji market which was a tourist attraction near the center of the capital and closed in 2018.

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