The Hollywood star apparently blames his marriage to Jennifer Garner for his alcohol problems. Criticism is now hailing from his environment, but Affleck fights back vehemently.

This week, Ben Affleck (49) caused a stir with a radio interview. US media reported that the actor said, among other things, about his marriage to ex-wife Jennifer Garner (49): “I thought I couldn't leave her because of the children, but I was unhappy.” Affleck felt «trapped».

 J.Lo is & laquo; pissed off & raquo;

In order to cope with the worries of his marriage, Affleck has, according to his own statement, reached for the bottle. And said that he would «probably still drink» if he were still married to Garner.

 J.Lo is & laquo; pissed off

Affleck was married to the actress from 2005 to 2018. The former Hollywood dream couple separated by mutual agreement and shared custody of the three children Violet (16), Seraphina (12) and Samuel (9).

That's what

  • This week is about Ben Affleck (49) was criticized for a radio interview in which he said that he would probably still drink alcohol if he were still married to Jennifer Garner (49).

  • Now outrage is also loud from the personal environment. Among other things, his new partner Jennifer Lopez (52) is said to be anything but enthusiastic.

  • Affleck does not let the criticism sit on him and now states in another interview that his controversial statement was taken out of context.

  • The actor has withdrawn several times in the past and is open about his alcohol addiction.

Ben Affleck (49) is currently confronted with great criticism from fans and his personal environment. This after the actor addressed his alcohol addiction in a radio interview a few days ago and apparently blamed his marriage to ex-wife Jennifer Garner (49) for the fact that he repeatedly lost control of his alcohol consumption. Among other things, Affleck said that he would “probably still drink” if he were still “trapped” in his marriage to Garner today.

At first, fans in particular were outraged by this statement by the Hollywood star: In recent days, he has often been described as tactless on social media. Now US media are reporting that Affleck's comments about his failed marriage are also causing unrest in his new relationship with Jennifer Lopez (52). An anonymous source told Page Six: “Jennifer is pissed off. She gets drawn into this whole thing because she's with him. »

Garner's friends are horrified

The singer and actress does not want to be associated with Affleck's controversial statements. «Lopez met Garner. She tries hard to develop a relationship with her, ”the anonymous source said. Another insider told Page Six that Lopez regrets the latest developments in relation to Affleck and Garner's children Violet (16), Seraphina (12) and Samuel (9).

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Neither Jennifer Lopez nor Jennifer Garner have personally commented publicly on Affleck's comments. At least Garner's environment is anything but enthusiastic about the actor's statements. “It's disgusting. She was the only one who stood by him over and over again when he did terrible things, ”said a friend of the actress to“ Page Six ”. Another person close to Garner says: “Ben should know that as an alcoholic you shouldn't blame anyone for your illness.”

Affleck feels misunderstood

Now Ben Affleck has spoken out on the subject again. In the late night show by US presenter Jimmy Kimmel (54), he defends himself against public criticism of his statements and states that they were taken out of context in a radio interview. He would never say “a bad word” about his ex-wife.

“The actual conversation about family, marriage and my problems was taken apart and then it looked like I said exactly the opposite have », so Affleck. “I stood there like the worst, most insensitive and dumbest guy.” Once and for all he defends himself against the allegations by making it clear: “I would never want my children to think that I am speaking badly of their mother. It was never like that and it will never be like that. ”

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