Setting goals for the new year is a must for many before the turn of the year. Now, at the beginning of the year, some successful Youtubers are closing their channels and others are looking for a better balance between work and private life.

Youtube creator Joey (Joey's Jungle) says goodbye to his community.

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  • Many people want to devote themselves more to their mental health and, based on this, define resolutions for the new year.

  • At the turn of the year the popular Youtubers Melina Sophie, Joey from Joey's Jungle and Jonas Ems from their communities.

  • Other well-known social media figures communicate that they too would like to focus more on their well-being.

Typically, many people take the opportunity between Christmas and New Years around the past twelve months To review. Some of them define clear goals for the coming year that affect personal and business life as well as personal health. In the past few weeks, three very well-known and popular German Youtubers decided to close their channels.

«I got lost on the way to find myself»

Youtube creator Joey published a video in early January saying goodbye to his community. He no longer knows exactly who he is, what defines him and wants to find the way back to himself. He says he's grateful for everything he's learned and gained over the time creating content on Youtube. But now he no longer enjoys pleasing everyone, and he says goodbye for an indefinite period of time.

The well-known influencer Melina Sophie, who like Joey has almost two million subscribers, will also publish her last video at the end of 2021. After eight years on Youtube, which represented a formative time for her, she too would like to focus on herself and not continue to share all the details of her life on social media. Finally, she tells her community to only consume “portions” of social media, because not all that glitters is gold. People who often compare themselves to the seemingly perfect world on social media should be aware of this.

Clickbait without content

Jonas Ems, who is now successful as a producer, presenter and entrepreneur, also ushers in the end of his YouTube channel. He says of himself that due to the pressure to perform, he only designed a lot of the content because he knew the numbers would be correct. According to his own statement, he was behind the content, then as now. For this reason, he decided at the end of 2021 to focus on other activities. His production company is currently behind the successful web video format “Krass Klassenfahrt”.

«I've worked my ass off»

But not only the bustling Youtubers Melina Sophie, Joey and Jonas want to concentrate more on themselves and their own needs. Fitness influencer Pamela Reif, who was able to almost double her followership on Instagram within two years, also wants to be more “chilled” in 2022. Pamela Reif is best known for her fitness videos, which she shares on Youtube, as well as various recipes that she creates for a healthy lifestyle. With the amount of stories that she shares on Instagram every day, you get the impression that she works without a break and constantly lets her followers participate.

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 & laquo; I've lost myself & raquo; - Influencers quit social media career

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