Ten celebrities had to go into hiding for two weeks in “Celebrity Hunted” under the radar of a team of investigators. The model reveals why she appreciated the time-out despite paranoia.

In an interview with 20 Minuten, Stefanie Giesinger talks about her time at “Celebrity Hunted” and reveals how she was able to overcome her fear of being alone, why she has been less active on social media since the show and how well it felt like nobody recognized it.

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  • The new “Celebrity Hunted” series will start on Amazon Prime Video on December 3rd.

  • There will be three Fridays to see it in double sequence German celebrities on the run. Among them are model Stefanie Giesinger (25, see video above), singer Tom Beck (43) and rapper Summer Cem (38).

  • The celebrities had to evade their lives in the limelight for two weeks and completely immerse themselves.

  • Meanwhile, they were hunted down by a professional team of investigators using all legal means.

For celebrities, flashlights, paparazzi and excited fans are probably part of everyday life. But what if suddenly they are no longer recognized by anyone? In the new Amazon show “Celebrity Hunted”, ten German celebrities have set themselves the task of remaining undetected for two weeks and going into hiding without social media, smartphones and accommodation.

During this time, they were searched for by a professional team of investigators, consisting of trained cyber analysts, online profilers and a former secretary of the Federal Security Council and military policy advisor to the Federal Chancellor. The investigative team was able to use all legal means to track down and catch the celebrities – including helicopters, surveillance cameras and secret patrols.

Model Stefanie Giesinger (25), who cleverly tricked the investigative team, played a role Video above). Also there were singer Vanessa Mai and her husband Andreas Ferber, actor Tom Beck, rapper Summer Cem, comedian Axel Stein, actor Kida Khodr Ramadan and the social media stars Diana and Melisa.

Die The series will be broadcast for three weeks on Friday evenings on Amazon Prime Video from December 3rd for three weeks.

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