An expert warns of the depiction of suicide in the new season of the SRF ratings hit «Wilder». The SRF is resisting, but wants to act.

The fourth season of «Wilder» is also the last. Rosa Wilder, played by Sarah Spale (41), is looking for clues again.

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A private stroke of fate leads you to the fictional village of Oberwies in the Bern region. But suddenly she is supposed to shed light on a murder case.

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In addition, Rosa Wilder's father Paul is threatened by the kidnapper Strunz.

That's what

  • Jörg Weisshaupt from the Association for Suicide Prevention Ipsilon calls the portrayal of suicide in the SRF series «Wilder» «problematic» and «traumatizing».

  • The SRF now takes a position and explains that the implementation of the topic was «intensively discussed» and that suicide in «Wilder» is not being played down.

  • Warning signs that are intended to indicate sensitive scenes , the SRF wants to bring it up anyway.

  • “Wilder” can be seen every Tuesday at 8:05 p.m. on SRF 1 or on Play Suisse.

With the fourth and final season of «Wilder», the SRF is once again showing a crime thriller that inspires the TV audience. But the content of the series is not without, finds an expert: The scenes in “Wilder”, which thematize suicide and specifically show, are “problematic,” said Jörg Weisshaupt from the Association for Suicide Prevention Ipsilon on Tuesday to “Nau”. He explains: “It has been proven that some forms of portrayal of suicides can provoke further suicides than so-called imitation acts.”

Upon request of 20 minutes, the broadcaster now takes a position on the expert's comments. “We were very aware from the beginning how sensitive a suicide in a film is,” said SRF media spokeswoman Nadine Gliesche. The implementation of the sensitive scenes was “discussed intensively”. As a solution, the company decided not to show the corresponding series moments up close: «Together with the director, we decided to work with wide shots in these scenes in order to create some distance.»

No change to episodes

According to Gliesche, “too explicit representation” has therefore been dispensed with. “It is part of the concept of 'Wilders' to explore the human abyss. We wanted to tell the personal dramas in a psychologically differentiated way, ”she explains. The complete “Wilder” season is already available on the Playsuisse streaming service, but the episodes in question have not yet been shown on television. Nevertheless, no changes will be made to the scenes criticized by Weisshaupt.

Do you or has someone you know, suicidal ideation? Or have you lost someone to suicide?

You can find help here:

Pro Mente Sana, Tel. 0848 800 858 , Offer of the Reformed and Catholic Churches

Muslim pastoral care, Tel. 043 205 21 29, advice and contact points

Self-help groups

< p> Offered hand, worries hotline, Tel. 143

Pro Juventute, advice for children and young people, Tel. 147

“We do not play down suicide and do not show it as a seductive 'solution', but instead focus on the effects, the horror and the reactions of the witnesses and the bereaved,” explains Nadine Gliesche. The emotional drama takes place «in the reactions and faces» of the actors and actresses.

SRF wants to put information boards

The SRF media spokeswoman emphasizes that the depictions of suicide in «Wilder» have been carefully considered. Because: “If a suicide occurs in a story, how to deal with it is discussed very intensively at the script level.” Leaving the subject off the show entirely doesn't seem like an option. “In a crime drama like 'Wilder' you also have to deal with sensitive taboo topics like suicide.”

Nevertheless, the SRF wants to take the feedback on the latest “Wilder” season to heart. It was “decided to set up information boards both online and in a linear fashion, thereby pointing out the sensitive scenes”. At the time this article was published, no so-called trigger warnings were recognizable online for the «Wilder» stream. The third episode of the season will be on TV next Tuesday.

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