Epic Games has founded a new department which is supposed to provide more entertainment. Fans hope that the «Fortnite» movie will come soon.

Epic Games is allegedly planning to create a «Fortnite» film.

 Is the game & laquo; Fortnite & raquo; coming to cinemas soon?

Three former Lucasfilm employees have been contracted.

 Is the game & laquo; Fortnite & raquo; coming to theaters soon?

A suitable location for the film premiere would be the old drive-in theater Risky Reels from the first chapter. A real cinema would of course be more appropriate for an elaborate film.

That's what

  • “Fortnite” is expanding its entertainment department.

  • Could soon So there will be a «Fortnite» film.

  • A «Star Wars» producer could also be involved.

Epic Games has established a new entertainment division. A “Fortnite” film is being considered. The background to this should be that they want to expand further to the iPhones and Android phones. Such a move would further strengthen the Epic Games brand and would likely pay off financially. According to reports, “Fortnite” films are under discussion and will probably be produced soon.

A trio of top Lucasfilm employees joined Epic Games this year and will use their experience to make this project a success. Among them is Jason McGatlin, who was a co-producer on the last few “Star Wars” films. Now he is the head of the new entertainment department at Epic Games.

Possible settings

«Fortnite» had many partnerships, including characters from various films have played along. The previous seasons are also related and were presented with elaborate trailers and live events. So it is very possible that we will see our favorite characters in a “Fortnite” movie. So we can be curious what Epic Games will show us.

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