For Ghislaine Maxwell (59), ex-lover of the late millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, things are getting serious. The charges against them are: trafficking of minors for sexual exploitation.

The now deceased entrepreneur Jeffrey Epstein is said to have abused dozens of minors together with Ghislaine Maxwell and forced them into prostitution.

 Is Ghislaine Maxwell a pimp?

The 59-year-old protests her innocence: “I have not committed any crimes.”

Is Ghislaine Maxwell a host ; Elder?

Maxwell (pictured with supermodel Naomi Campbell 2002) has been in jail since her arrest in July 2020.


  • Am The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell will be formally opened in New York on Tuesday.

  • Over 600 jury candidates will be reduced to 18 jury members.

  • The allegations against Maxwell are serious: human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. She pleads innocent.

“I have not committed any crimes,” asserted Ghislaine Maxwell at her last hearing before the main trial against the native British. The 59-year-old former lover of ex-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with underage sex crimes and human trafficking.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the formal prelude to the Manhattan trial that is eagerly awaited. Judge Alison J. Nathan begins questioning the jury, as The Guardian and other media write.

Reduce 600 jurors to 18

A mammoth task in which over 600 potential jurors are reduced to twelve – and six substitute jurors. Then there is the difficulty that, because of the high profile of the case, it will not be easy to find unbiased jurors.

In terms of content, the process should start on November 29th with the opening speeches. A judgment is expected in around six weeks.

Four main witnesses for the prosecution

The now deceased entrepreneur Epstein – he committed suicide in prison before his own trial – is said to have abused dozens of minors together with Maxwell and forced them into prostitution. If convicted, the native British threatens a long prison sentence.

The four main witnesses of the prosecution are likely to receive a lot of attention in the process: According to them, as teenagers between 1994 and 2004 they were sexually abused and forced into prostitution in Epstein's numerous mansions.

“Present during sexual acts”

The prosecution also relies on evidence that Maxwell knew that the girls involved, including a 14-year-old, were minors. She stole the teenagers' trust and arranged trips for the girls between Epstein's property.

“Maxwell tried to normalize the sexual abuse of a minor victim,” says the indictment. She did so by “discussing sexual issues with the victim, undressing in front of the victim, being present when the underage victim was undressing, and/or being present during sexual acts between the underage victim and Epstein.”

Term «victim» permitted

It is not a matter of course that the word “victim” was even allowed in the process: Maxwell's defense had unsuccessfully demanded that the term should be removed from the hearing.

Judge Nathan also rejected the defense's request to name the injured parties in the trial. The alleged victims may testify anonymously or only with their first name.

Judge: No mention of prominent figures

The trial is also awaited with great tension because investigators had recovered Maxwell's address books.

Since then, speculation has been circulating that the trial could bring to light connections between well-known personalities and Maxwell and Epstein – including the British Prince Andrew and former US President Bill Clinton. Judge Nathan emphasized: There will be no names. Only selected pages of Maxwell's address books would be admitted as evidence in the process.


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