The revival of former successful series is clearly in trend. A social media post now also suggests that the iconic «Desperate Housewives» women will return soon.

Marcia Cross (59), Eva Longoria (46), Felicity Huffman (59), Teri Hatcher (57) and Dana Delany (65, from left) will soon be back on TV for “Desperate Housewives” ?

Is coming & laquo; Desperate Housewives & raquo; back?

A New Years greeting on the Twitter account of the series, which was canceled ten years ago, lets fans speculate about a possible reboot or revival.

 Is & laquo; Desperate Housewives & raquo; coming back?

For eight seasons, “Desperate Housewives” focused on life in the Wisteria Lane district. The fictional drama series always focused on intrigues and the fate of the neighborhood.

That's what

  • is aboutA New Year's greeting on the official Desperate Housewives Twitter account makes fans speculate whether there will be a new edition soon.

  • Ten years ago, the cult series was canceled – an anniversary could be So be the occasion.

  • Although the US broadcaster ABC has not officially communicated anything on the topic so far, there is already anticipation.

2022 could have a long-awaited TV highlight in store for fans of the American cult series “Desperate Housewives”. After earlier series have recently been increasingly brought back to life – including “Gilmore Girls”, “Gossip Girl” and most recently “Sex and the City” – there is currently speculation about a comeback of the icons from Wisteria Lane.

The reason for this is a recent post on the official Desperate Housewives Twitter channel. At the turn of the year, a photo of the main characters from the series in glamorous outfits was shared and written as a reference to the title of the series: “Desperately waiting for 2022” (in German: “Desperate waiting for 2022”). For fans, the case is clear with this message: the chances are good that something could be going on behind the scenes.

After all, why else should the New Year be expected “desperately”? Last but not least, in 2022 exactly ten years will have passed since “Desperate Housewives” was canceled after eight seasons. Celebrating the anniversary with a reboot or revival would make sense. A get-together of the actors and actresses, as broadcast last spring for the 25th anniversary of «Friends», would also be conceivable.

«No TV drama has ever topped that »

In addition, it raises questions anyway that a decade after the end of the series is still posted on the social media channel of “Desperate Housewives”. It was pretty quiet there for a long time, but several posts have been shared since autumn this year. Either way: fans on Twitter are already looking forward to it. “Oh my God. When this show comes back, it will be great! “, It says in a post.

” I am so happy because no TV drama has ever toped it, “writes another user who is already firmly on top the return of “Desperate Housewives” believes. Most fans already agree on one point: A comeback only makes sense with the “Housewives” of the time. “Please bring all of the original actresses back if you revive the series. This is the only way to make it perfect, ”said one user.

However, it remains to be seen whether a new“ Desperate Housewives ”project will actually be worked on. The US broadcaster ABC and the actors have not yet commented on the topic.

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