Insights on 2019 … and 2020: “We will meet a wall very soon” – Jean-Yves Germain

Shortage of labor, structuring transport network, third link: these three subjects alone could sum up a good part of the concerns of business and economic leaders in 2019 … and those who will retain their be careful in 2020. Le Soleil asked various stakeholders in the business community to take stock of the past year and look to the future. Last of 5
J ean-Yves Germain, co-founder and co-president of Germain Hôtels

Q What is the regional economic news that most caught your attention in 2019?

RThe following two news seem to me the most significant. First, the structuring network of public transport, which can improve mobility both to go to work and in other aspects of life, but which will also have the potential to improve spaces and infrastructure. The tram is an essential element of this network and effectively meets the needs of the city. This ultimately leads to a greener region of Quebec thanks to the reduction of greenhouse gases. The other news concerns the Quebec government’s budgetary measures to meet labor needs (tax credits for experienced workers and better programs to support immigrants, for example) and on mobility ( investment in the structuring network,

Q What figure symbolizes the year that ends in your eyes?

R 2.3%. This is the unemployment rate posted last July in the Quebec region. It is a historic rate. We see here the concrete reality of the aging of the population combined with restrictive immigration policies. We will meet a wall very soon. The manpower shortage is real and he quickly finds solutions.

Q What are your wishes for the Quebec business community in 2020?

A I would like to see the return of the Caisses Desjardins decision-making process to Quebec. I would also like to see philanthropy develop even more in our beautiful region. See more people get involved in the community, be it in culture and the arts or in the community.

Q What will be the hot issue in the region next year?

A The tramway project will no doubt be at the heart of several discussions. This is a promising project for the region, its relevance is no longer in doubt, this project must move forward. Likewise, the third link has no place. I hope it will be obvious that this project is not the lasting solution to mobility problems.

Q What are your main projects for 2020?

A At Germain Hotels, we will continue our development. Being now a member of the board of directors of the Jean-Lesage International Airport in Quebec, I fully intend to contribute to its influence to make it an engine of socio-economic development in the region.

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