Insights on 2019 … and 2020: “Growth and Prosperity” – Carl Viel

Shortage of labor, structuring transport network, third link: these three subjects alone could sum up a good part of the concerns of business and economic leaders in 2019 … and those who will retain their be careful in 2020. Le Soleil asked various stakeholders in the business community to take stock of the past year and look to the future. 3rd of 5
C arl Viel, President and CEO of Québec International

Q What is the regional economic news that most caught your attention in 2019?

A 2019 was without a doubt the year of the Coveo company, which completed a major round of financing of $ 227 million, in addition to acquiring the American company Tooso of San Francisco. The company has also won numerous distinctions, including the 2019 Innovation Prize from the Association for the Development of Research and Innovation in Quebec (ADRIQ), the Bernard-Landry Prize awarded to Louis Têtu, president and chief of the management of Coveo, and the Exporter of the Year and Leader in Export-Urban Region awards at the 2019 Mercad’OR Export Gala.

Q What figure symbolizes the year that ends in your eyes?

R 4%. The region’s unemployment rate remained below 4% throughout 2019, and remains the lowest rate among the major Canadian census metropolitan areas.

Q What are your wishes for the Quebec business community in 2020?

A The growth and prosperity of our businesses. Businesses stimulated by innovation, investment (productivity and acquisition) and expansion to new markets (internationalization) will undoubtedly contribute to the economic dynamism of the Quebec region.

Q What will be the hot issue in the region next year?

A Two files will attract attention, namely the attraction of talent and mobility in the broad sense.

Q What are your main projects for 2020?

A Companies are faced with increasingly changing environments (digital transformation, restructuring, globalization, etc.). The speed at which Québec International must adapt to the growing needs of businesses is accelerating. It is therefore essential to maintain organizational agility in order to respond quickly and efficiently to requests.

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