154 Canadian influencers and reality stars celebrated on board an airplane. The hygiene measures were disregarded. Now hefty fines threaten.

Several influencers were on a flight from Canada to Mexico. They celebrated a big party with alcohol and cigarettes, but without a mask.

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  • On a flight from Montréal to Cancun, an influencer group had a bang.

  • 154 people celebrated a great party on board.

  • They disregarded all Corona measures.

  • Under Canadian law, this could result in up to three years in prison.

Dancing, drinking, smoking and eating in a confined space – and all without a mask in the middle of the corona pandemic: 154 influencers and reality stars celebrated a party on December 30 on a charter flight of the Sunwing Airline, such as the «Aerotelegraph portal » writes .

Canadian influencers celebrate exuberantly on board an airplane.

 Influencer party on the plane degenerates with Zigis, alcohol and sex

The group flew from Montréal to Cancún to do the celebrate new year.

 Influencer party on the plane degenerates with Zigis, alcohol and sex

There was smoking and drinking on board on the flight.

There is even supposed to have been sex. The group flew from Montréal to Cancun to celebrate the New Year there. Because in Mexico the rules are less strict than in Canada. The whole celebration was recorded on video.

“You can see someone smoking a cigarette, even an electronic one, that's forbidden. And all on video. I've never seen anything like it, ”a staff representative told local media. The situation was very dangerous.

The influencers are now threatened with a ban from the airline and a hefty fine. According to Sunwing, the passengers violated several Canadian aviation regulations as well as public health regulations. The airline is in contact with the authorities.

Even the Canadian Minister of Transport has commented on the incident. He calls for a full investigation into the case. In the event of non-compliance with regulations and requirements, passengers could face fines of up to $ 5,000 per violation.

The action could be very expensive for the group. According to Canadian law, travelers who endanger the lives of others can be punished with up to three years in prison or 750,000 dollars, the government said in a statement.

Some of the group have now split up Social media reported: While one influencer continues to post party videos from Mexico, another writes that the Canadian media are exaggerating. Three more assert that they would not have participated.

The airline has now canceled the group's return flight.

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