In the midst of a royal storm Meghan returns to Canada

As soon as the bomb is dropped, Meghan has packed up. Prince Harry’s wife returned to Canada, where the couple had just spent the holidays, immediately announcing their decision to withdraw from the British royal family.
Not consulted and according to the sad British press, Queen Elizabeth II, who has experienced many crises in 68 years of reign, intervened Thursday to try to ease the storm caused by the “Megxit”.

She asked the family members to find in the coming days a solution to the will of her grandson, sixth in the order of his succession, to gain his “financial independence” and live part of the year in North America.

But while contacts multiplied between the Windsor, the former American actress, who had not hidden in recent months finding little support around her to overcome the pressure linked to her new life as a princess, did not expected.

“I can confirm reports that the Duchess of Sussex is in Canada,” a spokesperson for the couple said on Friday.

The couple had just returned from a six-week vacation in Canada, taken to step back after displaying their discomfort at the increasingly ruthless criticism of British tabloids on the supposed whims of Meghan Markle and her luxurious lifestyle.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex publicly reappeared in the UK on Monday for a visit to Canada House in London.

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan joins her eight-month-old son Archie, who had stayed there, in Canada, suggesting that the couple had not planned to stay in the UK after their long-prepared announcement any discretion.

Prince Harry is said to be joining them soon, the source said, although he is expected next Thursday to preside over the Rugby Union World Cup draw at Buckingham Palace.

The former American actress lived in Canada when she starred in the “Suits” series.

Queen takes her phone

The announcement of the withdrawal of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, without consultation with the rest of the family, put the United Kingdom in turmoil and opens a new crisis within the monarchy.

In her Christmas speech, the 93-year-old queen had already judged “strewn with pitfalls” in 2019, marked in particular by the withdrawal of her son Prince Andrew because of his links with the American pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

According to the press, the day on Thursday, after having started according to the family members with amazement or fury against Harry and Meghan, gave rise to a series of telephone calls between the queen, her son Charles and her grand- elder son William to push them to put the pieces together and come up with a solution.

The discussions initiated by the queen must now determine the exact status of Harry and Meghan, who said they wanted to give up their royal allowance to earn the right to earn money. This should not be difficult given their status as modern peoples who have rejuvenated the British monarchy.

Prince Charles must decide if he continues to pay them part of his own income, which currently represents the bulk of their resources. They also said they wanted to keep their royal titles, the use of the cottage they occupy on the grounds of Windsor Castle and the police protection they enjoy, drawing accusations of selfishness in the press.

Their discomfort was no longer a mystery since a documentary in October. Meghan Markle, who married Harry in 2018, admitted tears in her eyes for having spent a “difficult” year, when she was made “vulnerable” by her pregnancy and the birth in May of her son Archie: “Not many people didn’t ask how I was. ”

Harry had filed a complaint against tabloids the same month. He said he feared his wife would face the same fate as the late mother Diana, who died in 1997 in a car accident in Paris.

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