“Return to Hogwarts” has been available since the New Year. But that is where an embarrassing faux pas happens to a crew member with a child's photo.

This children's photo, that is shown as part of the “Return to Hogwarts” special is causing trouble for “Harry Potter” fans right now.

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In the special edition, behind-the-scenes material is sometimes shown, but also archive footage of the actors. In one scene they showed an alleged child's photo of Emma Watson.

 In the

The 31-year-old British woman is known to play the character of Hermione Granger in all” Harry Potter “parts.

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  • The “Harry Potter” special “Return to Hogwarts” has been available on Sky Show in this country since the new year.

  • In it, Daniel Radcliffe (32), Rupert Grint (33) and Emma Watson (31) travel back to Hogwarts 20 years after “The Philosopher's Stone” and remember, among other things, their beginnings.

  • Photos of children were also shown – and it was precisely in such a scene that attentive viewers discovered an embarrassing mishap.

  • It was not Emma Watson that was shown, but actress Emma Roberts (30).

20 years after “The Philosopher's Stone”, Emma Watson (31), Daniel Radcliffe (32) and Rupert Grint (33) are returning to the magical world. In the special “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts”, which is broadcast in this country on Sky Show, the three main characters remember their beginnings, set secrets and the filming. So the year began perfectly for “Harry Potter” fans. Almost.

Because attentive viewers noticed an embarrassing film error. One scene is about Emma Watson, who has played Hermione Granger in “Harry Potter” since the beginning. As part of this, a child's photo is displayed. The problem: It doesn't show Emma Watson, but her colleague Emma Roberts (30). During the post-production, the faux pas seems to have gone unnoticed by the entire crew. A fan, however, uncovered the mishap on Twitter.

The Twitter user published the Instagram post by Emma Roberts in which she shared her picture of a child with Mickey Mouse ears with her followers in 2012.

HBO Max also saw the tweet and then cut out the photo. «Take care, dear Harry Potter fans! You have drawn our attention to a processing error in an incorrectly labeled photo. A new version will follow shortly, ”said the broadcaster in a brief“ Entertainment Weekly ”statement. However, those responsible did not want to comment on how such a mistake could even come about.

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