Musician Max Giesinger talks to us about his new record «Vier», Relationship Fears and plays us his very first song, which however was never released.

Max plays an unpublished song for us in the song interview , reveals which song gets on his nerves and shows what his favorite track sounds like on his new album “Vier”.

That's what it's all about

  • The German chart topper Max Giesinger is currently promoting his fourth studio album “Vier”.

  • He was visiting Zurich and gave us a little concert.

  • The 33-year-old singer-songwriter also talks about his love for Switzerland, relationship fears and life crises.

Max, you have just spent four days in Zurich. How was it?
Mega! I would love to rent a room in a shared apartment here for three months in the summer and really immerse myself in the city.

But it wasn't your first time in Switzerland, was it?
I have definitely been here 20 times – and every time I think to myself: Great! A little vacation for the soul. Somehow everything is a little less hectic and tidier than in Germany, more velvety and more beautiful. Even the water tastes better!

After so many trips to Switzerland, you probably already speak a little Swiss German.
Well, I can do the classic, the Chuchichästli – but you can't impress anyone here anymore (laughs). After a month of practicing, I might be able to speak the dialect.

But you are currently busy with the promo for your fourth record. This shows you to be more vulnerable than ever. How come?
It could be because of my age and the fact that the world stood still because of Corona. During this time I read some self-discovery books and looked for happiness. That did a lot of good in me. Now I have new tools at hand with which I can access topics that I could not reveal before.

Why did you have to find yourself again at 33?
After I had achieved my big dream of a music career at the age of 27, I was in a little crisis. The euphoria of success slowly subsided and I asked myself what else there was in life. Who am I outside of the job? Why do I run away from any relationship like it's the worst in the world?

Tell us.
I think if your parents split up early – I was four at the time – you subconsciously save relationships as something problematic that doesn't work at all can. For fear of ending up like this, I pushed love away.

Are you in love right now?
In love with life! I won't reveal more.

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