Sweden took a special route in the corona pandemic for a long time. Now 79 percent of people over the age of twelve are fully vaccinated. Stricter rules now apply to unvaccinated people at events.

In Sweden event organizers are allowed to ask guests to provide proof of vaccination.

Unvaccinated people are allowed in Sweden are excluded from events

If the organizers decide not to do so, they must introduce measures such as minimum distances and allocated seats.

 In Sweden unvaccinated people may be excluded from events

< p> This also applies to sporting events.

That's what

  • is aboutIn Sweden, unvaccinated people may be refused entry to events with more than 100 participants.

  • Sweden has been using relatively relaxed corona measures since the beginning of the pandemic.

  • Today the country has the lowest incidence in the entire European Economic Area and has a high vaccination rate.

Sweden, which was quite revealing during the Corona crisis, currently has comparatively low incidence values ​​- nevertheless, the Scandinavian country has now introduced a vaccination certificate for events. Since Wednesday, adults have to show a vaccination certificate at public events and indoor gatherings with more than 100 participants if the organizer requests it. Evidence of the vaccination – recoveries and negative tests do not apply – can be presented by people on their smartphones or on paper.

The rule applies, for example, to concerts and sporting events, but also in cinemas and theaters. Organizers who do not want to check the vaccination records of their guests must alternatively implement various restrictions such as assigned seats and a minimum distance of one meter between the participants.

Sweden has a high vaccination rate

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Sweden has taken a special route with comparatively loose corona measures. In the course of this, the country had to struggle with very high corona numbers for a long time compared to the rest of Scandinavia and Switzerland. So far, around 1.2 million corona infections have been detected. Sweden has around ten million inhabitants. More than 15,000 people have died in connection with a corona infection, most of them elderly.

Now the Swedes suddenly find themselves somewhere else when it comes to the number of new infections: According to the latest comparative figures from the EU health authority ECDC, the country has the lowest incidence in the entire European Economic Area with a seven-day incidence of just over 60. Around 79 percent of all people over the age of twelve have received two doses of vaccine so far.

Sweden wants to continue Sonderweg despite Omikron

Also in view of the new omicron variant of the corona virus, Sweden wants to continue its special path in the fight against the pandemic. The strategy has worked in the past, “so far we see no reason why it shouldn't work now,” said chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell of the AFP news agency. After all, it is still “the same disease”.

According to the head of the Swedish health authority, the number of cases could rise again in the coming weeks: “There will most likely be a new wave,” he told AFP. The big difference to the previous waves is that “this time a large part of our population has been vaccinated”. “That's why we believe that the pressure on the health system will be much less.”

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