A successful year is drawing to a close for Yann Sommer. Now he has been nominated as “Most Valuable Player” at the Sport Awards. But missing so much at home is troubling him.

With this picture Yann Sommer, his wife Alina and the older daughter Mila announced that they are looking forward to the addition of the family.

 & laquo; I'm perplexed at how much I am from the development of the girls miss & raquo;

Nayla saw the light of day on June 16, 2021 – in the absence of her father.

 & laquo; I'm perplexed at how much I miss the development of girls & raquo;

Yann Sommer flew to his wife Alina in Cologne by private jet immediately after the European Championship match in Italy. However, it was barely enough for him to give birth. The baby was already born when Sommer got off the plane.

That's what

  • Yann Sommer has had a tough year.

  • It is not easy for him to partially miss his daughters growing up.

  • As soon as the 32-year-old is at home, he becomes a househusband.

  • For his job and his family, he takes care of himself and his Hobbies at the back.

A stressful and emotional year is slowly coming to an end for Yann Sommer. At the EM in the summer, he and the national team succeeded in a sensational victory over France, followed by the bitter penalty defeat against Spain and the birth of his second daughter in the middle of the tournament. But even after that, the 32-year-old doesn't have much time for his family. He's back on the pitch for Borussia Mönchengladbach as well as for the Swiss national team.

In an interview with the current “Glückspost”, he reveals that his absences are not easy for him: “Every time I come home, I am perplexed at how much there is catching up, how much of the girls' development I miss. » Even if Sommer's time is rare, he dedicates every free moment to his daughters Mila (1), Nayla (5 months) and his wife Alina (30). The two have been a couple for five years and in 2019 they solemnly tied the knot.

Yann Sommer is a househusband at home

The lawyer is keeping his back free and doing a huge job of looking after their children, says Sommer. But even the football star insists on helping when he is at home in Düsseldorf: “Then I'll be a househusband and husband, clean, change diapers, cook – very modern.”

Since Nayla was born summer hardly have time for himself and his hobbies. Above all, his passion, the guitar, is increasingly falling by the wayside: “Music suffers. I now mostly play something for the kids. For me it's a nice change from the hustle and bustle of football. At some point I'll have another opportunity to put more energy into music. ” The national team goalkeeper will be celebrating his 33rd birthday in a few days and he has only one wish: “More time at home with my wife and the kids. Time is what I miss most. »

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