“I’m ok to drive …” Really?

Not surprisingly, people are bad judges when it comes to analyzing their driving skills after a few drinks. Among 30,000 blood alcohol tests carried out by Alco Prévention Canada at the end of watered evenings, 35% of the volunteers could not drive legally and more than half of them did not suspect it.
The company Alco Prevention Canada has invited more than 300 events in the province during the past two months. Between 40 and 50 office parties in Quebec City were visited by the team and its machine for alcohol tests, mainly the evenings organized by large companies.

The conclusion? Better to test yourself with a reliable breathalyzer before getting behind the wheel. Without the team to inform certain employees of their excessively high alcohol level, they drove to their car.

“You have to stop relying on your judgment. The voice that tells us “you would be correct to drive”, you must not listen to it, it is not the right one, “insists the general manager at Alco Prévention Canada, Stéphane Maurais.

According to Mr. Maurais, as an odometer assesses speed, an alcohol detector becomes an essential tool for improving road safety. He also notes that some companies hire such a machine for employee evenings, to ensure a safer return home.

“The technology is there, it’s not like it was several years ago, there are good devices sold in stores or at the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ). They have to be used, there is no longer any reason to hit the road while impaired, ”recalls Mr. Maurais.

Breathalyzers are now available across Quebec. In addition to the Alco-Tube Plus, a single-use alcohol test listed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sold in SAQs, Alco Prévention Canada offers interesting solutions such as alcohol detector rentals for corporate events and personal electronic devices. Digital alcohol detectors also meet a specific need; they are sold at Vitro Plus and Docteur du Pare Brise, Vin et Passion, Tanguay Électronique and on the website www.alcoprevention.com .

“I know myself”

If someone asks you to trust them to drive because they “know their limits”, don’t listen to them, that’s far from being a good argument.

“It is the opposite, the judgment is weakened as soon as you drink. Here we have the limit of .08, it’s not zero tolerance for everyone. It’s easy to lose the account, ”says the general manager.

For the past year, there has also been the whole issue of driving under the influence of cannabis. For the moment, Alco Prévention is raising as much awareness as possible and points out that the “slowness” effect that cannabis provides is not synonymous with “caution”, it rather suggests a “lack of reflexes”.

There is not yet a breathalyzer for cannabis, the technology is not there yet. Nothing is working well yet and it is more expensive. There is a salivary tool, but in the context of office parties, it is not easy to install.

In closing, Mr. Maurais notes better behavior among revelers this year. Last year, the company had carried out the same exercise, the same kind of visit in different evenings. The percentage of volunteers who exceeded the legal blood alcohol level was then 40%.

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